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Feb 2018
Feb 03 2018 12:36
Hi @jeremydmiller, very promising that support for Kestrel exists... from other projects I believe Kestrel might be one of the fastest transports around in .Net Core... I would like to use Kestrel to Kestrel between nodes & microservices in my projects. Re ordered processing, I had quick look at the worker code and noticed use of TPL Dataflow blocks, wondering if you meant these can be set to max parallelism of 1 for naive FIFO? For telemetry hooks I've found ETW with ObservableEventListener and Semantic Logging libraries to be very flexible.... my test environment is sending around 15 million events to Application Insights per day without a hiccup... only issue some of these libraries might not be cross platform. I currently log how long each method takes to execute via direct boiler plate code in each method, wondering what you think about an interceptor which would allow me to opt into this framework feature? Also forgot to ask about circuit breakers... are these also plugable?