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Repo info
    Dmitriy Zakomirnyi
    hi there!
    I get JsonMappingException: Type id handling not implemented for type org.javamoney.moneta.internal.JDKCurrencyAdapter (by serializer of type when trying to deserialize type with CurrencyUnit. Any suggestions how to handle it ?
    and my serializer/deserializer contains mapper.registerModule(new MoneyModule());
    Otávio Santana
    Are you using JAX-RS 2.0?
    Maybe create your converter to id
    Just the currency code is enough to serialize
    Jason Mah
    Hello, the moneta-1.1.pom available on jcenter.bintray shows <jsr.version>1.0</jsr.version> but on mvnCentral it is 1.0.1, can someone repair this?
    Werner Keil
    There seems to be something wrong with the sync mechanism back from MavenCentral. Since both are used there should be no problem, or which build scenario do you know that would completely ignore MavenCentral?
    Jason Mah
    I am not an expert, but I see both POMs in my gradle cache under different hash directories. I guess it just randomly picks one of them and it always picks 1.0 for me.
    Werner Keil
    That's correct for the API
    Jason Mah
    Which one? 1.0 or 1.0.1?
    Werner Keil
    Sorry 1.0.1, I thought you refer to Unit-API.
    It should not be random, but due to a signing issue it looks like JCenter (the preferred repo for Gradle) only has 1.0
    Jason Mah
    Is that signing issue resolvable from your end?
    Werner Keil
    Not directly, @atsticks has that signature, but I may be able to upload 1.0.1 to JCenter, just would be a different signature if that's no problem for you?
    Jason Mah
    I don't know how it works. I just have a conflicting environment with someone else, and when we build, we end up with different configuration files due to that jsr.version. Not sure how a signature change would affect it.
    kiran kumar reddy kasa
    Is there any way to change default decimal points for a particular currency
    for eg by default for TWD it is 2 digits, I need to change it to zero . Is it possible?
    Anatole Tresch
    @keilw Should we meet regularly here for discussing the money stuff, e.g. the issues, the work to be done etc...?
    Maksim Iakunin

    Hi everyone! I'm new here so let me know if I'm doing something wrong here.

    I want to draw some community attention to my question on StackOverflow (

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

    Frans Flippo

    Hey there! I just stumbled upon and it sounds like a useful thing to use. I work for a financial company and most systems we have store currency and amount in separate fields which can lead to all kinds of interpretation errors and leaves lot of room for bugs especially when converting amounts in to other currencies.

    I've been using my own Amount class which is basically just a tuple of a currency code String and and a value BigDecimal with some methods to do arithmetic and currency conversions, but I'd obviously rather use something standard.

    I'm struggling to understand the API, however. It's obviously designed for more than just my use case, and it seems to have been designed to be able to plug in different implementations.

    The simple case of creating a MonetaryAmount however, already has me stuck. The example at for example directly instantiates a org.javamoney.moneta.Money. It seems that talking directly to the implementation kind of defeats the purpose of having an API in the first place.

    Maybe somebody can give me some context like what the design philosophy was for so I can get a feel for what to expect.
    Also, can somebody confirm whether directly instantiating org.javamoney.moneta.Money is indeed the correct way to do this, or if there is a factory-type way to to it? (I could only find MonetaryAmountFactory.create() but there's no way to pass in the currency code and amount so I don't understand how that would work.)