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Jan 2015
Luigi Vincent
Jan 20 2015 00:06
I overlooked the fact they were numbered so far, hah. I've done 5 Medium ones, and 10 easy ones so far. @jjrobinson we can discuss our solutions for 103, I've that one completed.
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I'm working on this one now.
Jan 20 2015 00:27
Hello, is anybody here?
Luigi Vincent
Jan 20 2015 00:56
Hey there, I am here.
Was cooking/cleaning
Jason Robinson
Jan 20 2015 01:30
Im over at inlaws for dinner. just popping on to get some code ideas out of my head before all the guests arrive and I have to log off for a bit. I'll be back on for a few hours after 9pm PST
so subreddit for this project? or use a different format (someone's blog? forum elsewhere...)
if a subreddit? what to cal it? call it /r/javliantjavaschoolofawesome?
Luigi Vincent
Jan 20 2015 04:18
lol that name. I'd like to vote on it, if possible. I don't see myself as a leader in this project, I want us on all equal ground, and for people to feel free to share and address anything. I do have a few ideas for how to structure it though.
Jason Robinson
Jan 20 2015 06:36
Ok 24hrs to submit suggestions, 2 suggestions max per person, vote starting 24hrs from now open for 24hrs. Does that seem reasonable?
Luigi Vincent
Jan 20 2015 06:49
No objections.
Christophe De Troyer
Jan 20 2015 10:50
Jan 20 2015 13:56
Yup, that's us.
As for subreddit name, how about /r/javalearningschoolofawesome