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    Ethan Godden
    Is it expected that "gUU" or "guu" moves the cursor to the beginning of the line after you use the command? This doesn't seem to happen in Vim.
    1 reply
    Sebastian Paarmann
    Hi! I'm trying to use mappings like nnoremap <c-j> <Esc> and inoremap <c-j> <Esc> in IdeaVim in Rider. The mapping works in principle, but it doesn't close the autocomplete window. If I also bind "Escape" in the IDE settings to Ctrl+J, it does work to close the completion popup, but I have to press it twice to then also leave insert mode.
    I've searched around a bit and found e.g. https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/VIM-1325 but supposedly this was fixed a long time ago. Ctrl+J is also set to be handled by vim in the IDE settings. Pressing the actual Escape key does work to both close the popup and exit insert mode.
    Any ideas what might be causing this or how to configure it to work?
    Thomas Boby
    Rider keeps randomly soft-locking when I use IdeaVim in git diff windows. Once it happens I usually can't close Rider, change editor tab nor enter any text. The UI visually appears to work, but no text can be edited and many commands fail. Disabling "Vim Emulator" doesn't fix the problem. I reported it here: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RIDER-62264 but I suspect it hasn't been triaged to the right team.
    Does anybody else run into this problem and/or know any workarounds to stop it occurring?
    9 replies
    Hi there :) Since the most recent update to IdeaVim, it doesn't want to init/load. I had a look in the IntelliJ logs and it said it couldn't grok the config (.ideavimrc). I commented out everything and went line by line, uncommenting and sourcing the config in the IDE - and everything worked :/ My question is, is there any other place I could get more detailed logs as to the the issue, and does anyone have any advice on where to start debugging this issue please?
    14 replies
    Hi~ I have a question, can i use vimscript functions in .ideavimrc like getpos, getline and so on?
    1 reply
    Ariel Viera
    hi guys, how can I activate argtextobj in ideavim
    3 replies
    it doesn't seem to work for me out of the box
    Ariel Viera
    1 reply
    Im struggling to understand the previous line
    Ariel Viera
    is there a way to use Ctrl+N and Ctrl+P for the refactoring menu in intellij
    so far I can only use ctrl+n and ctrl+p for the completion meny, but for any other context menu they are not recognized
    Ariel Viera
    I cannot use Ctrl+{N/P} for selecting things in this menu. Forcing me to move my right hand to the arrow keys.
    1 reply
    Gordon Child

    Hello, I would like to create a custom command in my .ideavimrc. How can I find the list of menu commands that are supported. In Vim I have a :Tidy command that reformats files. In my .ideavimrc I have

    command! Tidy action ReformatFile

    When I enter :Tidy, the status bar indicates

    VIM - Action not found: ReformatFile
    Looks like there's a gist with a list of everything... https://gist.github.com/zchee/9c78f91cc5ad771c1f5d
    1 reply
    Gordon Child
    The action was ShowReformatFileDialog, but more appropriate action is ReformatCode
    Hi there, can anyone tell me how to make my IDE's screen scroll smoothly ?
    I have enable the IDE's "Smooth Scroll" Option. However, this only works when I disable IdeaVim plugin.
    When I enable IdeaVim plugin, and scroll the screen by Ctrl+D / Ctrl + U or any jump, it's not smooth scrolling.
    4 replies
    is there an easy way to disable vim via commandline
    hi all,is there some way to call intention action such as 'add format string argument' via ideavim?
    Probably way to early to ask, but will ideavim be compatible with fleet?
    Lee Turner
    I asked earlier and it isn’t supported yet but work is in progress- https://twitter.com/ideavim/status/1465282535534047234
    1 reply

    Hi, buddies~ I want to remap the multiple-cursor plugin and tried this config.

    But this won't work. I don't know how to toggle on this multiple-cursor function.

    set vim-multiple-cursors
    " Remap multiple-cursors shortcuts for Mac
    nmap <C-n> <Plug>NextWholeOccurrence
    xmap <C-n> <Plug>NextWholeOccurrence
    nmap g<C-n> <Plug>NextOccurrence
    xmap g<C-n> <Plug>NextOccurrence
    nmap <C-x> <Plug>SkipOccurrence
    xmap <C-x> <Plug>SkipOccurrence
    nmap <C-p> <Plug>RemoveOccurrence
    xmap <C-p> <Plug>RemoveOccurrence
    5 replies
    Jamie Asefa
    Hi, quick question about IdeaVIM updates: when we download an update to IdeaVIM - do we download via a direct connection from JetBrains or from another hosted service?
    Piotr Mikulski
    What is the best way to enable logger:
    I want to get output of if (logger.isDebugEnabled()) { logger.debug("found file: " + found); }

    About mark.
    I know that I can use uppercase to go to the marked place wherever what file I'm currently in.
    If I mark use lowercase letter, it will only able to jump to place inside the same file.

    Can I change this to I mark use lowercase, and can jump back to the marked place wherever files I'm in?

    2 replies
    Artur Dumchev

    Hey, guys! I wonder how can I use plugin features in my own plugin?
    I am trying to implement selection/deleting/yand with 'f' — like 'vaf', so it would select any form under the cursor (like {...} or "..."). I wasn't able to achieve this with ideavimscript so I am trying to write my code with LivePlugin.

    With some lines of code I could put my cursor on the beginning of the current form

            val action = actionManager.getAction(":cursive.actions.paredit/backward-up")

    The only thing left to do is to say 'v%' in vim, but I can't figure out how to do it from code.
    I can't find IdeaVim plugin
    val plugin = PluginManager.getInstance().findEnabledPlugin(PluginId.getId("VimPlugin"))

    May be someone have an experience with this, any advice will be appreciated

    2 replies
    Hey all, im trying to understand something, i read on github that vim-plug is supported, but when i try to use it, i get "Unknown function: end", anyone dealt with that one?
    1 reply
    Joachim Ansorg
    Hi, GitHub Copilot has some support for IdeaVim, but has a bug that inlay hints are not removed when a user switches out of insert mode.
    Is it somehow possible to detect when this happens? I only could find com.maddyhome.idea.vim.listener.VimInsertListener, which is when insert mode starts, but not when it ends. Thanks!
    Joachim Ansorg
    Alternatively, is there a way to call the equivalent of the "leave insert mode" action programmatically? I'm seeing Editor.exitInsertMode but it's unclear how the needed OperatorArguments should be created.
    Saleh Muhammed
    Hello there
    Can anyone write me the proper .idearc command to set auto-format on file save?
    2 replies
    my ideavim doesn't load plugins like surround / nerdtree for some reason
    i have them as set surround and set NERDTree
    2 replies
    I set map <leader>e :NERDTreeToggle<CR> but I can't use <leader>e to toggle nerdtree. because I typed <leader>e which triggered the display of the search box.
    1 reply
    Alright, I would love there to be an lightline style bar on the bottom of the editor window but as I understand it you cant install plugins, right?
    1 reply
    Myshko Dm
    What action name corresponds to "Rebuild Project" in Android Studio? smt like:
    map <leader>b <Action>(RebuildProjectOrSmtIdk)
    but none of this work: Build, Rebuild, BuildProject, RebuildProject :(
    4 replies
    hello guys, help me, how to disable filtering in Project Tool Window? after activation I can't switch to NerdTree keybindings
    Is it possibe to get space key to work as leaderkey everywhere, not only in editor?
    1 reply
    Saša Janiška
    i'm told about https://intellij-asciidoc-plugin.ahus1.de/ plugin for writing AsciiDoc and wonder if I could use it with this plugin? i'm still not JetBrains user, but consider I could buy a license for PhpStorm. would everything still work?
    3 replies
    I found that I can't assign <leader>sm to an action. It seems like that s can't be the start char after <leader>, it will always be treated as vim's default function, and no matter if the <leader> was pressed or not? Is that right?
    12 replies
    .ideavim "sethandler <:e> n:ide i:vim"
    I want to run "show history" command in pycharm when I press ":e" in normal mode.
    but when I press ":e" in insert mode, I want to input ":e" two character.
    how to implement it?
    3 replies