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    Francois GORET
    @jastice It works! Thanks a lot.
    Hello everybody. In Scala 3 package objects are deprecated and hence all kinds of definitions can now be written at the top-level. There may be several source files in a package containing such top-level definitions, and source files can freely mix top-level value, method, and type definitions with classes and objects. However IntellijIDEA CE still doesn't recognize assets imported from such source files into other source files and even in same package (which does not require importing), until the sources are compiled. Is there any way to fix wrong error highlighting due to unidentified imported assets?
    4 replies
    Marc Burgess

    Hey guys, wasn't sure if this is the appropriate place or the general IntelliJ channel is.

    I'd like to disable automatic insertion of quotes after typing '=' inside an inline XML tag. Neither the HTML Smart Keys setting for this (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/settings-smart-keys.html#smartkeys_html_css) nor the corresponding HTML Code Style setting (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/settings-code-style-html.html#ws_html_settings_editor_code_other) seem to work for Scala.

    There don't seem to be any equivalent settings in the Scala submenus.

    Some support forum posts where people have had the same issues with other languages in other IntelliJ-based IDEs:

    In each one of the above cases, there either was no solution or it's irrelevant to Scala

    3 replies
    Johan Walters
    After updating to the latest EAP version, compiler flags for Scala 3 are not recognized anymore (e.g. -Ykind-projector, -source, ...). There is no crossbuild. In module settings, everything is set to Scala 3.0.1. SBT command line works fine, but 'rebuild project' fails. "scalac: bad option: '-source' "
    Johan Walters
    If anyone has the same problem, I'll look to file a bug report
    2 replies

    We have a intellij plugin that depends on JetBrains/intellij-scala.
    sbt runPluginVerifier gives below verification error :-

    Dependencies used on verification details
    +--- org.intellij.scala:211.7142.13
    | +--- (failed) JavaScript (optional): Plugin JavaScript is not available in Marketplace https://plugins.jetbrains.com
    | +--- (failed) JavaScriptDebugger (optional): Plugin JavaScriptDebugger is not available in Marketplace https://plugins.jetbrains.com
    | +--- (failed) com.intellij.css (optional): Plugin com.intellij.css is not available in Marketplace https://plugins.jetbrains.com
    | +--- (failed) module com.intellij.modules.ultimate (optional): Plugins declaring module 'com.intellij.modules.ultimate' are not found in Marketplace https://plugins.jetbrains.com
    | ...
    | ...

    Full stacktrace can be found at : https://pastebin.com/d3cCrMax

    All functionalities of our intellij plugin are working fine.
    So, we are assuming, that we don't need any of the failed optional plugins from stack-trace.

    How to make intellij plugin verification passed successfully.
    Below is plugin.xml of our intellij plugin :-

      ~ Copyright 2021, Logic Over Code, All rights reserved.
      ~ Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
      ~ you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
      ~ You may obtain a copy of the License at
      ~ https://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
      ~ Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
      ~ distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
      ~ WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
      ~ See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
      ~ limitations under the License.
    <!DOCTYPE idea-plugin PUBLIC "Plugin/DTD" "https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin.dtd">
    <idea-plugin url="http://www.logicovercode.com"
        <vendor email="techlead@logicovercode.com" url="http://www.logicovercode.com">Logic Over Code</vendor>
            JLoc Plugin provides wizard to create fluent sbt project.
            Using this plugin, you can create java and scala nature project with fluent style sbt build.
            This plugin uses libraries
            intellij-scala (https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/1347-scala)
            LogicOverCodePlugin (https://github.com/logicovercode/LogicOverCodePlugin).
            These libraries are available under the Apache 2.0 License (https://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.html).
        <idea-version since-build="211.5538" until-build="211.*"/>
        <extensions defaultExtensionNs="com.intellij">
            <projectTemplatesFactory implementation="com.logicovercode.isplugin.LogicOverCodeWizardFactory" order="first"/>
    Yuriy Yarosh
    Found out that Dotty imports formatting with scalafmt are broken right now.
    It would be great to fix 'em alongside with SCL-19335.
    It's a pretty annoying bug...
    4 replies
    Jeff May
    I'm having issues with Intellij IDEA syntax highlighting the value inside of the @newtype annotated case class... is that to be expected? Does anyone have any suggestions for how folks deal with this?
    Is that an annotation macro? I wasn't aware the plugin supported those
    Jeff May
    you can enable macro annotations in Scala 2.13 with the scalac option: -Ymacro-annotations
    obviously, the need for this library goes away in Scala 3
    as you can just use opaque types
    In Scala yes, but I don't think the plugin supports anything besides blackbox def macros in Scala 2
    Jeff May
    ok, so this is probably to be expected then
    I'm just curious if there is any workarounds I can use
    Actually, there's some code in the plugin's source for this macro specifically
    No idea if you have to enable it or what
    Jeff May
    that's interesting... maybe it just got out of date? I don't see a config for it.
    1 reply
    Why did autocomplete get so slow
    Yuriy Yarosh

    nn autocompletion broken for scala3 - doesn't pick the type after nn calls

    import software.amazon.awssdk.services.s3.S3Client
    val client: S3Client = S3Client // here's fine
        .nn // doesn't autocomplete at all after this .nn because loosing the underlying type

    nn is a scala3 not null call to translate Type | Null -> Type explicitly and enforce null safety at compile time (it'll still crash with NullPointerEx if it'll get one from Java, but meh)

    Metals picks nn's just fine.

    Yuriy Yarosh
    I'm on EAP 2021.2 RC with Scala 2021.2.13 plugin.
    2 replies
    Nick Price
    I've upgraded to the latest Scala plugin today, alongside the upgrade to IDEA 2021.2, and am having issues with my builds timing out. For some reason (historic), the "ICode" phase of one module in our project build takes ~5mins to complete - during this time, we see memory usage grow and shrink as the GC runs, so it's not "hung", just "really annoyingly slow". Unfortunately, with the latest Scala plugin, I now get a message saying "no response from compile server for 60 seconds" during this period, and the pluging attempts to fallback to a "local" compile - despite the fact the compile is still running on the compile server.
    Is there any way to extend this timeout?
    9 replies
    Or perhaps the better question - where can I set scala.compile.server.socket.read.timeout.seconds?
    In Scala REPL, how does one exit out of :paste? ^D doesn't seem to help.
    7 replies
    (googled for an hour, honest)
    Daniel Hinojosa
    Hey there, in this small example, my export is turned into import in Scala3 in IntelliJ. I checked with scalafmt which is on my path, but it kept the export. Anyone experiencing the issue where export turns into import?
    package com.evolutionnext.exports
    import java.time.LocalDate
    class CalendarEntry(private val localDate: LocalDate, val name: String):
      export localDate.{getDayOfMonth, getDayOfWeek, getDayOfYear}
    1 reply


    May I ask a question about my problem?

    in the course of build of my files.. I got this msg [Error] C:\Codes\federationGradle\chisel3\core\src\main\scala\chisel3\Module.scala:7: object JavaConversions is not a member of package collection ]

    and I found that... my scala library version is 2.13.4 and it(JavaConversions ) is located in under 2.12.10.. so I tried to change my version.. but i couldn't include this version... I don't know why i can't change my dependency...

    I use gradle to build it up .. and my setting is as follows...

    3 replies
    After enabling -Xsource:3, a certain trait in a project just doesn't seem to be recognized.
    3 replies
    Not only is a reference to it red, it does not appear in the classes search
    Invalidating caches did not seem to help
    Dan Di Spaltro
    hey sbt highlighting works in the newest scala plugin (with bsp), thanks!
    1 reply
    Marius Soutier
    Hello, I'm trying to enable package prefixes in my sbt project. It works well in sub-modules that use the src/main/scala layout, but it doesn't in Play sub-modules that use Play's app layout. The problem is that all library imports that start with com. are not recognized anymore (marked as red)
    1 reply
    My own project's package name also starts with com, so I guess the problem is somehow there
    Just wanted to see if there's resources being applied to Scala 3. I switched to nightly Scala plugin and it's still borderline unusable for Scala 3 (compared to Scala 2) Believe me I know that is a huge change and won't happen overnight – just wanted to check, should I report Scala 3 issues? Or are Scala 3 issues basically all the same "nothing works" issue at this point?
    3 replies
    Aaron Radzinski

    Quick bug report (before I create a ticket for it):
    I have Scala 3.0.1 Maven project with latest nightly of Scala plugin. Project compiles fine both in IDEA and 'mvn package'. However, the instant I open a file in IDE - all of the types are marked red with "Not found: type XYZ" for every XYZ type in my project... Annoying as hell to be honest as I have to work with fully "red" project all the time.

    Is this a known issues that will be resolved soon?

    4 replies
    Oron Port
    Scala 3 nightlies and local snapshot are at 3.1.0-RC1-XXXX. IJ paints everything red.
    2 replies
    Probably the part where the plugin selects the proper dialect according the Scala version expects 3.0.x or 2.xx only.
    Matthew de Detrich
    Not sure if its related but I am also getting issues getting Intellij to properly detect Scala3/Dotty, in my case its this project https://github.com/getquill/protoquill
    2 replies
    Dale Wijnand
    I use code folding/unfolding a lot and I'm finding that the editor sometimes doesn't recognise a new fold (eg convert parens to block). Is there a way to "repaint" or something the editor? Closing and reopening the file works, but it sometimes messes with my editor splitting.
    2 replies
    Igal Tabachnik
    General question: is there a plan to migrate to Slack (or, preferably, Discord) for this chat?
    1 reply
    Vladimir Morozov
    Hi all, I have problem with "Quick fix" menu, for example 'add import' works only after I build my project (or try to run it), but if I move cursor quick fix broke again. Info: Scala 3.0.1, lates IDEA + nightly Scala plugin build + built-in error highlighting + OSX
    May be some work around exists?
    1 reply
    Luc Henninger
    Hello. I have an issue when I use accented character such as 'e' with a grave accent for test class, such as "class MillimètreSpec extends AnyFlatSpec with Matchers". If I try to run this test directly, it's ok. But if I try to run all the tests of the package, I have an error "java.io.UncheckedIOException: java.nio.charset.MalformedInputException: Input length = 1".
    After view investigation, it look like the system generate a file (e.g. @D:\Users\Luc\AppData\Local\Temp\idea_scala_test_runner6027035054604294689.tmp)that contain all the test to run, but the class name are not generated using "UTF-8" encoding.
    Is there a way to correct this?
    5 replies
    Krisztian Lachata
    hi. i am working on an intellij scala extension for my macro library support. everything works fine however i need to manually add my ijext plugin to intellij scala extensions Even though i provided the intellij-compat.json for my macro library to force intellij to download and apply the ijext lib for macro support. i am using the latest CE edition and sbt-idea-plugin. any ideas why it does not work automatically? thank you
    1 reply
    Igal Tabachnik
    Who curates the "Scala bundle" on the marketplace? Thank you for including the ZIO plugin :) https://plugins.jetbrains.com/bundles/2-scala-bundle
    Vladimir Klyushnikov
    Hi guys, is there any way to stop optimizing imports when moving files in project? Every time I move them I end with absolutely broken imports which I need to restore manually.
    Vladimir Morozov
    Screenshot 2021-09-02 at 17.36.46.png
    7 replies
    Mark T. Kennedy
    i'm using the latest ultimate EAP (IU-212.5284.31) with the latest scala nightly plugin (2021.2.443). and the package search plugin is bundled with the EAP release. i can see the package search plugin settings in the settings window. i have a trivial "hello, world" scala 2.16.6 sbt project. and i've read https://blog.jetbrains.com/scala/2021/07/09/package-search-integration/, which says package search should work for scala. but for the life of me i can't get it to work at all. it makes me feel insane. thoughts/comments?
    Mark T. Kennedy
    sorry, meant 2.13.6, not 2.16.6.