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Jan 2018
Plomipu Dmitri
Jan 25 2018 16:08
Hi everyone. I'm novice developer. And i trying to set Intelij IDEA. My problem is that i can't set default directory for projects. Therefore they are saving only here: C:\Users\<User>\IdeaProjects . This is so not convenient for me. I found what i need to change settings in the global configuration file for that , but i can't find needed parameter for changing path to the default project directory. Next i watched the documentation , but there is not full list of parameters (only common parameters and that's all) and if i solved to set or add, then i must write to the Jetbrains support, but i haven't a time to wait. I must to solve problem so fast as is possibly. Please help me.
Sorry for my not good english and if my question is not applicable to Kotlin language, but i'm desperate and i don't know where to find the info somewhere else
Jan 25 2018 19:51
Might look to their slack
Kotlin slack is actually not dead