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Nov 2015
Jean-Noël Rouvignac
Nov 02 2015 06:15
Hi Sarah, maybe, what problem are you seeing ?
Sarah McAleer
Nov 02 2015 06:16
Oh hi @JnRouvignac
Error says the JVM is not suitable
Eclipise thinks that the JVM is an older version 1.6
even though my friend downloaded the latest version of java 1.8
I found the issue in stack overflow
My friend then did some terminal stuff and removed files. So now he gets the error JVM not available
I have eclipse on my Mac but I have an older version 3.8
Sarah McAleer
Nov 02 2015 06:21
newest version is 4.4
Perhaps he needs to download eclipse from Oracle not Java like one of the stackoverflow answers says?
Jean-Noël Rouvignac
Nov 02 2015 07:43
Are you using the Java from Apple ?
I overheard a colleague saying there are many problems with it
Try out the jdk from Oracle
Otherwise I am sorry, I do not know what the problem is
I am not using a Mac myself so I never troubleshootimed such problems
Sarah McAleer
Nov 02 2015 09:09
Yeah mac, ok I appreciate the help. It is a tricky situation.