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    Jonathan Hornung
    hi @Ravslee yeah, I am
    Ravi Rajput
    jonathan are you here ?? i wanted to ask if your package will help me use only google oauth 2 , not the google app engine
    believe me i had used gapi using javascript function in my angular js app, and things gone twisted, though its working but i need everything to be in a angular way
    so ill be waiting for you answer . thanks in advance :)
    Punita Ojha
    This message was deleted
    Are you still around to help with the APing ionic plugin?
    Jonathan Hornung
    @fromdecember yes I do
    I can't figure out the facebook API with the new fb setup. I go to developer page, create a new app, turn on API, go to the graph and get the app key but it doesn't work.
    Jonathan Hornung
    let me check
    Jonathan Hornung
    did you arelady checked out this step by step tutorial?


    I. Generate your access_token

    1. Login on developers.facebook.com
      • Create an new app
      • Choose website/webapp
    2. Open Graph API Explorer
      • Press on Graph API Explorer dropdown button
      • Choose your app
      • Press on Get Token dropdown buton
      • Choose Get App Token
      • Copy generated access_token

    II. Insert your access_token into aping-config.js

    Create and open js/apiNG/aping-config.js in your application folder. It should be look like this snippet:
    angular.module('jtt_aping').config(['$provide', function ($provide) {
        $provide.value("apingDefaultSettings", {
            apingApiKeys : {
                facebook: [
    Yeah, I copied what the graph api gave me for app token
    into the access_token between the
    ' '
    Jonathan Hornung
    did you really selected your app in the dropdown
    inside of the graph api explorer
    Well, for me it looks like a facebook issue
    It works for me. I cannot do anymore for you, sorry
    did you include the aping-config.js file in your html?
    yes. I have it working for one of my pages but when I tried to do another app, and go thru the steps I can't get it to work
    Jonathan Hornung
    please try another api key
    of an older fb app
    maybe the new apps work different
    Jonathan Hornung
    @fromdecember any news?