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Oct 2016
Alejandro Arroyave Valencia
Oct 15 2016 00:03
I need to wrap 2 sections into a div, how to make it?
For example: ``
<div id="header-wrapper">
    <header id="header"></header>
    <section id="sp-page-title"></section>
From layout manager I can't do it. :(
Nayem Majhar
Oct 15 2016 10:09
you can't because both are coming from separate place one from plugin and another from SP Page builder. Without coding you can't.
Alejandro Arroyave Valencia
Oct 15 2016 20:05
@nayemmajhar I talk about Helix3 Framework not SP Builder.
How I can modify the Helix3 code for to wrap twos sections? Please check the discussion: