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Feb 2016
Feb 06 2016 14:07
Just had a chance to look at the powerpoint. Good stuff. I'll definitely get to doing my portion here later today or this evening.
Christie Brandao
Feb 06 2016 22:32
@cameronjwengerd If you don't mind, can you send a message through here when you're done with your risk analysis slide? My risk planning is basically a continuation on yours, laying out the possible solutions to your risks that you lay out and its going to be tough to start mine without taking a look at yours first. Thanks!
Christie Brandao
Feb 06 2016 22:37
I was thinking of a 'business risk' we're already encountering is lack of organization for meeting up with each other outside of class to work on this. That way I can suggest creating a doodle poll where we can lay out the times we're available and plan our future meeting around it? Let me know what you think, if you have a better idea and what you're planning to write for the 'project risk' and 'product risk'.
Jordan McMillan
Feb 06 2016 22:55
I like the doodle poll idea.
Christie Brandao
Feb 06 2016 23:48

Okay. I set up the doodle poll. Please fill out your availability on the general Monday - Friday week. I had to fill out specific dates to create the poll, so just ignore that it says from the 8th to the 12th.