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Feb 2016
Feb 07 2016 17:01
Do we just update the PowerPoint at that link you sent?
Jordan McMillan
Feb 07 2016 17:03
Feb 07 2016 19:58
Hey guys, so i was working on the team scheduling aspect and i realized that it would be real hard right now to come up with the staff-time allotment chart that is in the powerpoint because we don't really have out exact requirements or anything planned out. So i will be able to talk about scheduling and where we will go in the near future, but i won't have the staff-time allotment chart.
Also i will be in derby tomorrow from 2:10 till when we need to go to class so if anyone wants to come to discuss anything feel free to do that
Christie Brandao
Feb 07 2016 20:54
I just finished my slide, which is the last slide to complete the presentation. We should do a once over on the whole thing and make sure to let people know if we can add or remove anything that might seem important.