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Feb 2016
Christie Brandao
Feb 24 2016 17:21
so Ron wants to meet Saturday to clear up some questions we thought of on Monday. I will be on campus from 9-11 but I'll be in a meeting so I cannot go.
Feb 24 2016 17:22
I have drill all weekend that weekend I can't make it
Feb 24 2016 17:31
I have mandatory event all day, there's a chance I'll be able to make it but I don't think so
Since it's a Saturday he may be able to change the time if we need to. I'm free on that Friday if no one can do Saturday so maybe he can switch to then if need be
Feb 24 2016 19:21
I can't make it either. I'm going to be traveling then.
Feb 24 2016 19:40
I am free Saturday and should be able to make it, but we should see if he can change the time so enough people can attend.