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Mar 2016
Mar 03 2016 04:59
Is there still a plan to meet this Friday or would it be more effective to meet after the Ron meeting on Sat?
Jordan McMillan
Mar 03 2016 05:01
I like the idea of meeting after we talk to ron. Hopefully after we talk to him we'll understand exactly what we need to do and then we can start assigning tasks
Mar 03 2016 06:10
I say we meet briefly after class Monday to discuss what went down at the meeting with Ron
Mar 03 2016 14:49
I'm out of town until Sunday, so meeting on Monday after class sounds great if that works for everyone.
Mar 03 2016 16:22
Thompson Library 055 is reserved for Friday, March 4th from 10 - Noon for group meeting for those that can make it.
Jordan McMillan
Mar 03 2016 19:11
I ended up having to schedule an interview friday at 11 so I wont be able to make it, I'll definitely be there saturday and monday.