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Mar 2016
Mar 29 2016 01:48
Hey, to everyone else in the Case Study with me. I spoke with the other groups and they've taken Chapters 1 and 9. So we have a choice of Chapter 5 or 6. Whichever one works best for us.
Christie Brandao
Mar 29 2016 03:20
Thanks Cameron! So Chapter 5 is called "Computer Innovation and Adoption in Geography: A critique of conventional technological models" and Chapter 6 is "Manufacturing Metaphors: Public cartography, the market, and democracy". Just based on that fact, is seems Chapter 5 would be a bit easier? What do you guys think?
Mar 29 2016 13:52
Dev team, I'm running a bit late but I'll be there
Mar 29 2016 14:06
in the lab
Jordan McMillan
Mar 29 2016 14:11
I'm on my way too