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Apr 2016
Apr 20 2016 16:35
Dev team and people working on the manual, can you guys meet at derby a little before lab starts say 3, I am meeting with the professor around 2:30 and have another project to work on later so I want to have some time to compile our codes
Apr 20 2016 17:02
Works for me. I'll be there around 3.
Apr 20 2016 18:29
Me and Brian are in the geography lounge
Apr 20 2016 19:50
Still there?
Jordan McMillan
Apr 20 2016 20:09
I just added the .py script for the new dissoultions
just change the working directories and it should work
Apr 20 2016 20:40
We should all meet at some point this weekend to compile the final package and run the presentation if possible.