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Repo info
    Hello :)
    I have some troubles to install Legofy on my mac, i don t know if i m supposed to give you all the informations here or anything ?
    I just made this for really anything, you could create an issue on github, but here is fine too. Whats going on?
    It's alright i find it ! I appreciate this project.. ! I m digging in Pillow and all kind of graphical things with Python since this hours now :) Thanks to share it
    Hey there
    John Bubriski
    I'm trying to use this on OSX (El Capitan) and I'm having some issues
    I run the command and nothing happens
    The existing image file hasn't changed, and there is nothing new in the dir (my desktop)
    I thought maybe it was silently failing if ImageMagick wasn't installed, so I installed that
    (after an hour long install of MacPorts)
    Still no dice
    Any ideas?
    (This is an awesome idea and I really hope I can get it working)
    We are a Lego family :P
    (I've also done a pull and re-ran the install script)
    John Bubriski
    OK I found the issue
    It wasn't clear that you needed to specify a destination file...
    Maybe that's just me not being a CLI guru
    Sent a pull request to change the readme in case there are any other idiots out there :P
    but its not required ._. I'll check it out
    John Bubriski
    What is supposed to happen if you don't supply the argument?
    Just want to say, what an awesome project this is :clap:
    Thank you :)
    May I sugest a feature?