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Repo info
    Ismael Venegas Castelló
    I have also let him know that he can contact you here.
    Please let me know if you have any comments about this, thanks in advance!
    Discord has many advantages, like voice chats!!
    I'm still thinking in the structure of the new chat rooms, but I do want to move this chat room over there, since using channels #french #english #spanish, etc. Will greatly aid us.
    Everyone if wellcome of course!
    cc @/all
    Milan Bouchet-Valat
    How about using a Stack channel instead? I don't really can afford being on a third chat server
    Téo .L
    Hi everyone :)
    Hi @nalimilan I'm singez0r the new french translator
    Iblis Lin
    Ismael Venegas Castelló
    Hello @teol !
    If you see very little activity in the french team I can make you the language coordinator! ;)
    Just ask!
    Waldir Pimenta
    Hey @Ismael-VC are you around?
    Ismael Venegas Castelló
    Hello @waldyrious ! :D
    Ismael Venegas Castelló
    Oh, I'm seeing lots of i18n emails, sorry I missed those, I'll check them out, and think of suggestions for the whole translating process, thank you for pinging me!
    Waldir Pimenta
    Great :) I thought I'd make sure in case you were simply unaware rather than explicitly prioritizing other stuff (which would be perfectly fine, of course)
    Ismael Venegas Castelló
    I'm trying to come up with good suggestions, I'd like others to also take the lead as you have, this is not my project only and I want it to succeed, but there hasn't been much support or interest into promoting this. The support comes from the translators and reviewers of course, but as discussed previously, if they feel their work is for nothing, then they stop doing it.
    I have a new job that is very demanding, specially because is not near my home, I expect moving closer to work this new year ASAP to have more time on my hands.
    I'd like to help everyone interested to self organize and continue this work, since sadly I haven't been able to continue my oun Spanish translations, etc.
    For me personally, you know I'd like a fully i18n language, not just the documentation ;)
    And I've been waiting for julia v1.0 for a long time, in order for me to be able to meta program the hell out of this process, however, I'm not sure 1.0 will be the right version for me doing this, which was my original motivation to start doing all of this.
    The reason is because almost all the metaprogramming APIs will ship out either unexported, unconsistent and undocumented.
    So perhaphs I'll just help improve things as I can. And wait for 2.0? In hopes the meta programming APIs are better thought out.
    Ismael Venegas Castelló
    So in the mean time, I just want to let you know guys, that my top priority for this project, is to help the community to organize around this, in small independent teams of languages.
    I sincerely think this project is a good thing, I understand most people think it's not good idea, since in order to program you will need to know English sooner or later, but this is precisely the paradigm that I sought to break, that is my one ungracious demand :P
    I've been a Python instructor for kids and this is why I need a non toy language that is fully i18n, and now I work at EPAM, I love the company, they have an E-Kids programm, in which we tach Scratch, but imagine teaching Julia in their language! :D
    But then again, that is just me, I really want to hear from you guys and what are your motivations to contribute to this project, maybe we could articulate better why this is needed.
    Ismael Venegas Castelló
    If we want the julia community to support our project we have to make some compelling arguments.
    How about we simply let Google translate take care of it given how good it is nowadays?
    This would be far worse IMHO. ---^
    I'm sorry I'm not that dependable, specially now that I have less and less time to have fun with Julia stuff.
    If any of you want to become a lead organizer of a specific language, please let me know, I'm thinking that instead of requiring review in order to publish the translations, what we need are more leaders and small well defined teams of contributors.
    This way I could still manage (along with the help of others! :) ) to maintain an overall better organization of the project, by only coordinating myself and the other organization administrators, with the Language lead organizers.
    Ismael Venegas Castelló
    So instead of trying to coordinate around 100 people (most of which I'm not able to help review in their native languages) that could help me to better coordinate just around 25 people, for each of them to do the same for their individual language teams.
    • So my first proposal is to give a shout and ask who is willing to handle the responsibility of becoming a language lead organizer,
    • Instead of requiring reviews for production deployment, we can let each independent language group, to handle themselves as they see fit.
    • But in order for a language to part of the i18n effort it must have a language leader at all times.
    • this has to be properly communicated, everyone must know that if a leader is unable to continue in that position, then the group must choose another leader ASAP by their own means, because a language without leader would be frozen out of procdution builds. In order to assure quality.
    • but also aside from quality, it has to be very explicitly stated that this translations are community supported.
    Ismael Venegas Castelló
    • My last idea is to find other ways for people to contribute, either with translations, reviews or payed translations and reviews.
    • I'll ask to julia computing and numfocus if they can perhaps help us with enabling payed machine translation and translation memory, wich would greatly enhance both the quality, and speed of translations, I'll check again all the options, we could ask for some plan that I read a year ago, in which an academic could recommend the project for this without cost. But I'm not sure this is still true to this day.
    • we need to have organization tools for the team and use them! (trello, kanban, etc.)
    • I'm finally finishing setting up Discord, for us over there, in order to have more structured discussions in any language, without steping into each other foot.
    Ismael Venegas Castelló
    • Please let me know what you think, how you can help, what are your priorities, and anything else you think is important to mention.

    Ismael Venegas Castelló
    I´ll write a draft with my ideas on this for the weekend, I'll try to make it as formal as my English is able to, but then I'd love for you to help me improve my draft, if we do this right we can even land a Julep about this.
    I'm really bad with words, so I'm thinking to make a video inviting for contribution, or perhaps someone better looking than me could help with that, we need an idea storm.
    Because I'm short of new ones, we need more leaders, we need you! :tm: