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[slack] <lungd> running the test
[slack] <lungd> atom set num of threads automatically while vscode does not (i guess)
[slack] <lungd> that's why it worked before
[slack] <lungd> i run linux on an amd cpu (if that helps)
[slack] <lungd> same error with 1.5.3
[slack] <lungd> BTW, what's 'ut' in 'tests on ut' ? 😄
[slack] <chrisrackauckas> it
[slack] <lungd> oh
[slack] <chrisrackauckas> open an issue?
[slack] <lungd> DiffEqBase?
[slack] <lungd> SciML/DiffEqBase.jl#658
[slack] <anandj> on a side note, are you working on C elegans models?
[slack] <lungd> yeah 🙂
[slack] <anandj> thats super cool! have you seen openworm
[slack] <lungd> have you seen the video of the crawling worm?
[slack] <lungd> *simulated
[slack] <anandj> no
[slack] <anandj> where is that?
[slack] <lungd> it's more like a gif
[slack] <anandj> wow thats awesome
[slack] <lungd> thanks
[slack] <anandj> you made?
[slack] <lungd> 🙂
[slack] <lungd> was my master thesis
[slack] <anandj> are you trying to get openworm to julia?
[slack] <lungd> well
[slack] <anandj> or using SciML solvers etc
[slack] <lungd> i am trying out what's possible, where i can use it
[slack] <anandj> yeah makes sense. don't want to just redo everything
[slack] <anandj> what're you looking at now?
[slack] <anandj> @isaacsas and I have been chatting about the PDE boundary specification issue and how we handle spatial structures. sounds like this could be a great use case
[slack] <lungd> hey that would be super awesome if we could talk about C. elegans.
[slack] <anandj> @Alex Cohen c elegans stuff
[slack] <lungd> but. tbh, it's 3:30 here and I rly need to go to bed now xD
[slack] <anandj> haha i get u get that sleep
[slack] <lungd> let's get in touch tomorrow?
[slack] <anandj> absolutely anytime!
[slack] <ignace-computing> Sorry for bothering you guys...
I would like to see the source code under the hood of how a PDESystem (part of ModelingToolkit) is set up. More specifically: where are the discretizations defined, if any discretization is used?
This would be a great help for relatively new users like me... one's I am off with the basics I might even help with the package development 😉.
[slack] <chrisrackauckas> each discretizer package has its own code
[slack] <chrisrackauckas> and the FEM version isn't packaged up yet.
[slack] <ignace-computing> Thank you!!!
[slack] <Brian Groenke> oh yeah speaking of that, @chrisrackauckas what's the status of MOL discretization? does it work with more than one dependent variable now?
[slack] <chrisrackauckas> barely
[slack] <chrisrackauckas> I'd still say, wait until the summer is over for really using it
[slack] <chrisrackauckas> unless you want to be demoing it and opening issues
[slack] <Brian Groenke> I might revisit it in a month or two when I (hopefully) have some time, then I can help demo it on my use case. I would like to migrate my model to ModelingToolkit in the future.
[slack] <Brian Groenke> A MTK tutorial on heat equation + phase change would be cool. I have the necessary stuff on my end, would just be matter of copy-pasta to do it in MTK.