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Sep 2017
Sep 01 2017 12:11
Hellos, does anyone tried to create an interactive plot with GtkInteract?
w = mainwindow(title="Simple test")
n = slider(1:10, label="n")
m = slider(11:20, label="m")
cg = cairographic()

append!(w, [n, m, cg])

map(n,m) do n,m
  push!(cg, plot(sin, n*pi, m*pi))
I tried that program (example in GTKInteract docs) but when i use the slider i get the following error:
MethodError : no method matching update_view(::Interact.Slider(Int64))
I used
using Immerse; using GtkInteract;
Immerse v= 0.0.13, Interact version =0.5.0,