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Nov 2015
Stephen J Newhouse
Nov 11 2015 08:51
absolute pleasure meeting you all! Amos and I will be in touch soon
Paolo Di Tommaso
Nov 11 2015 08:54
thank you guys for organising such a nice event
looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Stephen J Newhouse
Nov 11 2015 09:06
@davidweisss sorry we didnt get to chat more! Thanks for the coverage! You and @chapmanb have some great conference notes! We'll be in touch also.
@chapmanb I am excited about putting the best of bcbio-nextgen + NGSeasy together and starting the mother of all NGS Tools sets with you! "NGS for the Masses".
docker + flocker + weave + kubernetes + nextflow + MPS + cwl == fun times ahead...(I hope)
@pditommaso thanks for helping make it a great 2 days!
Brad Chapman
Nov 11 2015 09:45
Steve and Amos -- awesome, thanks so much for everything. Looking forward to working closer together. I'll be actively working to make bcbio more friendly for combining and contributing.