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Nov 2015
Stephen J Newhouse
Nov 18 2015 06:00
Hi All, I will be creating a project on soon to start drafting a position paper/editorial covering Bio in Docker & Container Virtualization in Bioinformatics for the F1000 Channel of the same name :) We will be inviting all of you to conrtibute. Please do! To Cover a lot of the stuff we all presented and discussed at the conference: problems in bioinformatics, dependencies, reproducibility, vms/docker, cwl, nextflow, MPS+NextflowWorkbench, education of biologists and making things easy, our solutions and recommendations ie every new tool published should include a Dockerfile ( & list of dependencies & build and test env?) etc etc….lets also start our own “Awesome List of Bio in Docker Tools”
Brad Chapman
Nov 18 2015 11:58
Steve, great work getting this together. Thank you. Regarding listing docker tools, @briandoconnor and team have an awesome new initiative called Dockstore that collects containers along with CWL descriptions of use: