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  • Jan 03 2016 02:45
    @kevinbarabash banned @acx01b
yes it does, I actually just found out a way to render it correctly : $$\\%\_{acquis} = \frac{I}{V_{prem}+I}$$
Eric Eastwood
@nidupb Thanks for the follow-up!
Anshul Singhvi
Hey, so this might be a long shot, but I'm working on a plotting package in Julia, and I wanted to use KaTeX to typeset math, and extract glyph positions, scales and offsets. Is there a way I can do that through the KaTeX API?
Hey, how is it possible to change the font to an another font of the lib? I.E. to Katex_SansSerif? If I try it, it change only the plus and minus signs 🤔 Pls help
Hi, is there any command who permit to align left : like this one \begin{left}
Ricardo Navarro
exist the webpage support functions for v0.7.1 ?
Is it possible to repeat a command n times in KaTeX?
What would be the easiest way to calculate the coordinates of the bounding box (width, height, left x, top y) of a symbol or sub-expression in a certain rendered expression, given the path to obtain that symbol/sub-expression from the KaTeX build tree?
Hi @ronkok; and @kevinbarabash . Is it possible to use jsPDF to convert html KaTeX rendered equations and graphics to a PDF. Kindly suggest for the way forward. Thank you.
Christophe Calvès
Hi everyone, I try to find a way to prevent KaTeX from breaking inline math formulas. Is it possible?
Hi @chrilves
Ed Darnell
@KibikaJ not quite what you asked for but I have found "print" works well in chrome. If you print a page containing katex and select "print to pdf" then the result is a nicely rendered PDF.
Thank you so much. However, @freemaths , is there a way I can mimic chrome print mechanism in JavaScript or jQuery to print contents of a div containing katex instead of a whole html page?
Ed Darnell
@KibikaJ not that I am aware of. I haven't found any published APIs but you may be able track down open-source. Perhaps try asking on the chromium project?
Ed Darnell
@KibikaJ forgot to mention - what I do is render a different version of the page when prinitng. So you could just print one div if you want. It is a cumbersome mechanism if you only want a quick conversion of something small to PDF. It works fine if you want a PDF version of maths to upload and publish.
@freemaths , I am really in a dilemma, my conversion may not involve so many pages upto a maximum of 20 pages otherwise less than 12 pages in many cases.
@freemaths could you be kind enough to give me your code to enable me make some progress. my email: jwkibika2013@gmail.com , thanks in advance.
@freemaths Have you tried SlimmerJS before
Ed Darnell
@KibikaJ my development is all in React so might not be helpful. The key parts are: if (this.state.print) {
} and if (this.state.print) return <div ref={r=>{this.maths=r}}>
{this.state.title&&<h5><Maths auto={true}>{this.state.title}</Maths></h5>}
<Maths width={this.state.width} auto={true}>{this.state.maths}</Maths>
</div> My maths class just renders my maths using Katex. I found the timeout was required to give the print page time to render.
Thanks, so if you want to print content in a div
@freemaths I will attempt to mimic the code in JavaScript
@freemaths, Hi, all math equations in KaTeX rendering on pdf appears to repeat with weird square root signs
nicolas moreau
Hi, I can not render a url link using katex. The command \href{https://katex.org/}{\KaTeX} is displayed in plain text. I set trust=true, is there something else to do ?
Kevin Barabash
Sorry for not watching this channel lately. We've enabled GitHub Discussions in the KaTeX repo, see https://github.com/KaTeX/KaTeX/discussions.
@KibikaJ for PDF generation you may want to try puppeteer.
Thanks. Let me take a look at it. I hope it will meet my basic needs.
Hi, I'm not able to parse Katex "$\Ia = \sum{i=1}^\infty\ointM r{Q}^{2}\theta \,dA$ or$ \begin{Bmatrix} F = 12 N \\cr\tau = 26 N.m\end{Bmatrix} $" and it's giving "KaTeX parse error: Expected 'EOF', got '\' at position 8: \Ia = \̲\̲sum{i=1}^\inf… or KaTeX parse error: Expected 'EOF', got '\' at position 1: \̲\̲begin{Bmatrix} …", Can anyone help me in this, Thanks in advance
Ron Kok
Well, \Ia is not a LaTeX function. Neither is \ointM. You probably want to put "or" into text mode, not math mode. You are probably looking for something like: "$Ia = \sum_{i=1}^\infty\oint M r{Q}^{2}\theta \,dA\; \text{or} \begin{Bmatrix} F = 12\, \mathrm{N}N \ \tau = 26\, \mathrm{N\cdot m}\end{Bmatrix}$"
@ronkok Thank you soo much for your quick response, It solved my issue. Thanks once again...!
Hi, Is there a way to include commas in Katex synatx without breaking the columns in CSV file?

Hi. I’ve been testing KaTeX support in Gitter and I’m finding that some symbols look off. For instance, the following matrix has tiny brackets:

\begin{bmatrix} A & B \\ C & D \end{bmatrix}

[ABCD]\begin{bmatrix} A & B \\ C & D \end{bmatrix}

How do we get the proper rendering?
Also how do you render in display style?