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    Hey, whats up everyone.
    I'm starting the challenge today, not to get into the habit of coding, but actually to get into the habit of posting on social media. I've been coding every day for a few months already but I would love to start sharing my knowledge and meeting some people who are also interested in coding.
    Hey @RyanDougC_twitter i'm @sinbadcodes on instagram and @codesSinbad on twitter
    @seth_addie_twitter , what sort of project. I may be interested
    Matt Kadlubowski

    Hi there!

    Last Friday, I started myself a project, which is #100DaysOfCode and #100DaysOfLearning.
    I've created a Twitter thread, where I'm sharing my progress, aha moments, tips, resources, etc.

    I am looking for a community where I can connect with others, who is also on learning path at some point. Is this the right channel for it?

    Raunak Tamang
    i was thinking of doing this #100DaysOfCoding challenge can somebody guide me ?

    i was thinking of doing this #100DaysOfCoding challenge can somebody guide me ?

    Also interested and looking to start. Interested where people get their resources from, how they decide on what projects each day to work on etc..

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    Raunak Tamang
    @eoingilmartin94_twitter i was thinking the same !
    I have been thinking of joining the challenge, but I don't know how to join? Somebody help me.
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    Shahzad Afridi (Opriday)
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    Hi guys, Today is my first day.
    It is my first day. How I start?
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    Seth Addie

    @SinbadB You interested in working on a joint python project? , I'm currently writing algorithms for network optimization.
    You can also check my latest project, that is my website.

    Raunak Tamang
    hey guys check out my whatsApp automation program on this link
    Melissa Longenberger
    Finally got my web dev help guide to render. got some good styling done now I just need to adjust some settings here is a link to the app so far.... It will be updated as I go
    Ifeanyichukwu john
    Please can anyone give me a guide of the best way to learn JavaScript? Am totally confused
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    @seth_addie_twitter I would love to work with you on a python project! I am however on a bit of a journey. I'm working my way through front end using freecodecamp to ensure I have a grip on the basics and to be honest, am not confident enough to move on to Python just yet. I also do not know enough to know if this is the right decision. Do you think it would help for me to jump right in on this? (Would I be of any help knowing zero about Python?) or would it be best if i joined you in about 4 weeks when I am a little more...useful?
    Olashile Quadri
    It is my first day how will I start the challenge?
    Hello its my first day too ... how does the challenge work
    I am starting 100 days of coding challenge.
    Hey all, new coder here starting the 100 Days of Coding Challenge. Any recs on good tips/resources to learn new things in Python?
    Manan Jain
    Hey all, new coder here starting the 100 Days of Coding Challenge. Any recs on good tips/resources to learn new things in Python?
    Hi jake, go through :
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    Day1 - I finished learning basic OOPs concepts in Python and C++. #100DaysOfCode
    Just joined the challenge. I am new to programming and don't know how things worked here.
    Seth Addie
    @SinbadB it's all good, just hit me up when you ready.
    @Adewale hit me up for more details
    @gr8t_Ade_twitter hit me up for more details
    I'm a newbie, I want to know how this works.
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    Chandresh Singh
    i started 100 days of code
    Adhkamjon Toshtemirov
    Where can I start 100 days of code?
    vishal singj
    from and freecodecamp
    How to get started
    I am a perfect newbie
    vishal singj
    does doing a git commit on 100daysofcode create a heatmap on github
    Sudip Limbu
    Hello Everyone. I am starting my 100daysofcode challenge from today. I will try to finish the course on Wish me good luck!!
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    Suneetha R
    Hello Everyone, I am starting my 100daysodCode Challenge from today :-)
    @SuneethaR89r_twitter Wish you all the best ...
    abass muhammed
    how do i get started i am currently new.
    Yasir Hussain
    hello everyone
    hello guys am very happy to be one of members of 100 days of coding
    I am starting with javascript .i have covered html/css and bootstrap am going to javascript
    Aryan Gautam
    @mvishalsingh no, it will not show up in contribution graph.
    Day 1 of #100 day of coding challenge...I am happy to be part of this community
    Hi all, i started my challenge commitment today.. can you share how the journey has been so far for you, the challenges you faced and what stage you are at the moment? 🔥
    Om Ponds
    I want to learn Front-End via #100daysofcode , can you guys please guide me?

    guys I have made page inspired by 100daysofcode which will help you to achieve your goal easily. visit

    this will help you to complete your 100 days easily with the action-reward technique.

    sudip limbu
    Day 12: Today I practiced drawing charts with d3.