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    Valentine Seth
    Day 19!!! Completed 💪🏿
    Valentine Seth
    Day 20!!! Completed 💪🏿😤
    Neetesh Kumar Sharma
    Day 43 and 44 completed
    Iyin John Onaeko
    Hi everyone !
    Just starting out on my Python learning journey with free code camp.
    Hey guys, just joined the challenge.
    Neetesh Kumar Sharma
    Day 45 and 46 completed
    Afonne-CID Paul Onyedikachi
    Hey guys, I have been hearing about this challenge and wish to join. Is there a curriculum?
    Neetesh Kumar Sharma
    Day 47, 48 completed.
    Neetesh Kumar Sharma
    Day 49 and 50 completed
    Guys I pretend tô start today my 100days code... Where do I get The material??
    Manuj Gogoi
    It's my day 1 starts now
    Hi all, this is Injamul Hoque from Bangladesh, I'm gonna go for 100DaysOfCode challenge from tomorrow. Recently I made a six-month roadmap on Data science and almost one month has been finished. When I got this super cool stuff then I just brought up with a nice idea, like I have 5 months left on my roadmap, so now what I'm gonna do is convert this 5 months to 100 days and I want to complete the exact same roadmap through this challenge. I hope you will always be by my side and give me a lot of encouragement so that I can complete this challenge well.
    how do i start coding dont they provide problems?
    girma sebsibe
    Hello every one this is g
    today I begin my first coding challenge
    Hello guys, is there anyone who can help me in this coding challenge i really don't know what to do rn.
    haider sherazi
    hello guys how to start it
    i don't know guys help me
    Ayush Sinha
    hi all, I will beginning on 100 days journey of learning system design from 28th Dec onwards and will be posting daily updates. #100DaysOfCode #100daysofdesign
    Harsh Mendapara
    How I can start 100 days of code event ?
    Maybe by reading the homepage first? https://www.100daysofcode.com
    Mahesh Nikam 🇮🇳
    Hello everyone, Today I joined #100daysOfCode
    Hi everyone, Im going to begin day 1 of #100DaysOfCode by starting a completely new language I really wanted to learn, c++. Cheers to 99 more days!!
    Sajan Mahat
    Hello, I plan to start the 100DaysOfCode challenge soon. Do I get any materials or do I make the plan myself?
    Tom 👨🏾‍💻
    I think you’ll make the plan yourself
    Hi, I’m starting out on my tech journey with freecodecamp. Currently trying to learn python, and hopefully land a software engineering job by the end of the year. If you’re interested in being an accountability partner and getting an accountability partner likewise, please don’t hesitate to send me a message!
    1 reply
    Hello everyone. I am a newbie here and at programming. Determined to get through the 100 days of coding challenge.
    python coder
    hi everyone I'm going to learn python /going to join 100 days of code . i need an accountability partner
    @pythoncoder15_twitter i started learning python recently i guess everyone here is new to programming, anyway i am very open to distractions and to stop myself from that i will from this moment on be responsible to coding i hope. so i also need a partner, watcha say?
    Hi everyone I just started the web development course on freecodecamp after years of being biased.
    Bewaji Clothings
    Good day all, how can i submit my challenge? Do i have to post it anywhere and add the link…..
    Have been trying to add my github link and its not accepting it either
    you can post your progress here
    Bewaji Clothings
    i posted with an hashtag on twitter, copied the link, posted it on freecode but on clicking of “i have completed…”, nothing happened, not popup message nor progress is being shown
    But did you learn something? Do you feel progress in your learning?
    python coder
    Hi everyone I'm going to learn python /going to join 100 days of code. I need an accountability partner
    Bewaji Clothings
    Anyone on software testing journey here?
    Hello guys My name is Caleb Bitiyong Duniya , a front-end developer from Nigeria. I would like to finally join the 100 days of code community
    Hey guys I'm Snehil here, I would like to join the 100 days of code community.
    Ayushi George
    Hello All, I am at day 12 of 100 days of code in python, I need an accountability partner as well to practice along this journey. I couldn't fund enough resources to get along in python and order to pursue it.
    Bisrategebriel Fisseha
    Hey there everyone 🖐 I am planning to start 100daysofcode and I'm so excited to find this community. Can anyone explain to me how the day counting of the challenge works. Thank you!
    Hi everyone this is my first day of the #100DaysOfCode, super excited!
    How to start coding for data structure ?
    I am beginner.
    How to star the challenge what to do
    3 replies