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Fran Yes, the Windows Terminal shim is odd one, as it's actually a link to another file. In Terminal Profiles I worked around it by using cmd.exe to start wt.exe 😱
Is there any possibility to exclude/remove entries from catalog? I have for example quite a few uninstaller-exes in my catalog, which aren't needed: I either want the cataloged at all - or have a possibility to remove them from catalog.
1 reply
Utkarsh Verma
Guys, I need help. Everything isn't working for me:
11:42:54.496 Keypirinha 2.25 (865552f) for x64
11:42:54.496 System: WinNT-x64 10.0.18363-ws-0x0100
11:42:54.496 Portable mode
11:42:54.496 Keyboard layout: 00004009
11:42:54.496 Monitor #1: Name[\\.\DISPLAY1] Rect[0, 0, 1920, 1080] DpiScale[1.00] PRIMARY
11:42:54.496 Official packages: E:\Installed\Keypirinha\default\Packages
11:42:54.496 Profile dir: E:\Installed\Keypirinha\portable\Profile
11:42:54.496 Local dir: E:\Installed\Keypirinha\portable\Local
11:42:54.518 Python 3.7.4 (default, Sep 15 2019, 07:31:50) [MSC v.1922 64 bit (AMD64)]
11:42:55.706 Loaded 18 items from history file.
11:42:55.719 Loaded 1182 items from catalog file.
11:42:55.759 Init done in 1.3463s, including 1.1536s (86%) for the Python interpreter.
11:42:55.760 Plugin loaded: Internal.About
11:42:55.812 Plugin loaded: Apps.CustomCmds (instance #1)
11:42:55.812 Plugin loaded: Apps.Desktop (instance #1)
11:42:55.812 Plugin loaded: Apps.EnvPath (instance #1)
11:42:55.812 Plugin loaded: Apps.ExtraPaths (instance #1)
11:42:55.812 Plugin loaded: Apps.StartMenu (instance #1)
11:42:55.878 Plugin loaded: Bookmarks.Bookmarks (instance #1)
11:42:55.897 Plugin loaded: Calc.Calc (instance #1)
11:42:55.900 Plugin loaded: ControlPanel.ControlPanel (instance #1)
11:42:55.902 Plugin loaded: Env.Env (instance #1)
11:42:55.910 Plugin loaded: Everything.Everything (instance #1)
11:42:55.914 Plugin loaded: FileBrowser.FileBrowser (instance #1)
11:42:55.951 Plugin loaded: FilesCatalog.FilesCatalog (instance #1)
11:42:56.001 Plugin loaded: FileZilla.FileZilla (instance #1)
11:42:56.006 Plugin loaded: GoogleTranslate.GoogleTranslate (instance #1)
11:42:56.010 Plugin loaded: PuTTY.PuTTY (instance #1)
11:42:56.014 Plugin loaded: RegBrowser.RegBrowser (instance #1)
11:42:56.020 Plugin loaded: String.String (instance #1)
11:42:56.025 Plugin loaded: TaskSwitcher.TaskSwitcher (instance #1)
11:42:56.029 Plugin loaded: URL.URL (instance #1)
11:42:56.034 Plugin loaded: WebSearch.WebSearch (instance #1)
11:42:56.043 Plugin loaded: WebSuggest.WebSuggest (instance #1)
11:42:56.049 Plugin loaded: Winamp.Winamp (instance #1)
11:42:56.059 Plugin loaded: WindowsApps.ModernControlPanel (instance #1)
11:42:56.059 Plugin loaded: WindowsApps.WindowsApps (instance #1)
11:42:56.064 Plugin loaded: WinSCP.WinSCP (instance #1)
11:42:56.182 Apps.Desktop: Cataloged 2 items in 0.1 seconds
11:42:56.256 Apps.StartMenu: Cataloged 118 items in 0.1 seconds
11:42:56.271 WARNING: Bookmarks.Bookmarks: places.sqlite file not found in C:\Users\Utkarsh\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles/u3blp55p.default
11:42:56.319 Apps.EnvPath: Cataloged 709 items in 0.2 seconds
11:42:56.335 Bookmarks.Bookmarks: Referenced 38 bookmarks
11:42:59.941 WindowsApps.WindowsApps: Cataloged 36 items in 3.5 seconds
11:43:02.455 WindowsApps.ModernControlPanel: Cataloged 94 items in 6.0 seconds
11:48:06.125 WARNING: Everything.Everything: Everything instance not found
11:48:06.483 WARNING: Everything.Everything: Everything instance not found
11:48:07.216 WARNING: Everything.Everything: Everything instance not found
11:48:07.578 WARNING: Everything.Everything: Everything instance not found
11:48:08.386 WARNING: Everything.Everything: Everything instance not found
11:48:08.737 WARNING: Everything.Everything: Everything instance not found
11:48:12.717 WARNING: Everything.Everything: Everything instance not found
11:48:23.555 WARNING: Everything.Everything: Everything instance not found
11:48:23.979 WARNING: Everything.Everything: Everything instance not found
11:48:25.021 WARNING: Everything.Everything: Everything instance not found
11:48:26.133 WARNING: Everything.Everything: Everything instance not found
11:48:28.090 WARNING: Everything.Everything: Everything instance not found
11:48:29.215 WARNING: Everything.Everything: Everything instance not found
11:48:30.035 WARNING: Everything.Everything: Everything instance not found
11:50:07.201 WARNING: Everything.Everything: Everything instance not found
11:50:08.367 WARNING: Everything.Everything: Everything instance not found
4 replies
Hi, is it possible to make a key association for the Everything package? I want to use the package by typing "e", "enter", "query". Right now, I have to start with "ever" until it comes up.
Apparently, : invokes Everything
I have a problem...this is what I get if I don't run Keypirinha as admin. The problem is that if I place Keypirinha in the startup folder it doesn't open as admin and the whole program is just bugged because of it. If I make that Keypirinha shortcut in the startup folder run as administrator than it doesn't start on boot at all.
4 replies
does anyon'es keypirinha freeze after typing in one letter?
Nvm. It was because I had a lot of plugins installed. I removed the ones I didn't use and it's back to being snappy
args_for = "-app=https://open.spotify.com"
kpu.shell_execute("msedge.exe", args = [args_for])
I'm using this to open Spotify through msedge as PWA. Is there a way to open it with predefined size and position?
Ireneusz Patalas
@mortyobnoxious try this ^^
@ipatalas i did, it didn't work.
Adrian Bielefeldt
Is there a way to list already hit items before others? For example, if I search for Assassin's Creed, I have to type Assa until it is the first hit. When I type A next time the first results are some random documents starting with a that I never touched with keypirinha (or at al, come to think of it). I would like to see all files that are in the history to be prioritised before those that are not. Is that possible?
Anyway to make icons not stretched if they aren't 1/1 ratio? (keypirinha-sdk)
Is there a page with all the cool tricks?
Trying here to exclude desktop folder from be scaned but seems impossible
please help
Ireneusz Patalas

@vvinterwulf_twitter have you tried setting

scan_desktop = no

in your Apps package configuration?

Does anyone know the way to make on_suggest only execute when user stop typing instead of every character user typing ?
2 replies
how can i run a curl command from the apps package?
Thank you Ireneusz
Some entrei in my keypirinha are duplicated, any hint how to fix it?
1 reply
I mean entries*
Hello! Im trying to build a plugin that executes some code every time user selects a suggestion (with arrow keys or mouse). Is there any way to do so? Didn't find anything in the docs. Also is there a way to make suggestions more than 2 lines of text? Or display image inside of a suggestion? (not the icon but something bigger)
2 replies
AHK_ User
Can somone help me. I am trying to change my default editor to sublime text.


editor = ${var:my_editor}
my_editor = C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\sublime_text.exe

above is what I have in my .ini file in \Keypirinha\portable\Profile\User\Keypirinha.ini
but it does not seem to take effect. Keypiranha still opens config files in notepad2. Thanks!
Jean-Charles Lefebvre
@AHK_USER91_gitlab there are spaces in the path to sublime_text.exe so quotes are mandatory. Try instead: my_editor = "C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\sublime_text.exe"
AHK_ User
Thanks for the solution Jean. unfortunetly it does not seem to fix it. Here is what I have in ini file now

editor = ${var:my_editor}

my_editor = "C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\sublime_text.exe"`

Jean-Charles Lefebvre
@AHK_USER91_gitlab ah, editor option is part of the [external] section, not [config] which does not exist
AHK_ User
Oh man, it worked. Thank you! much appreciated
AHK_ User

How do I open .keypirinha-package files found in ...\Keypirinha\default\Packages with editors such as sublime text?
I know they get over written but I just need to refrence them and occasionally, copy from them.

When I try to open them in sublime by either drag and drop or via File>Open in sublime I get something like this
504b 0304 1400 0000 0800 0000 b950 6a51 36b4 c920 0000 b65f 0000 0e00 0000 6576 6572 7974 6869 6e67 2e69 636f ed7c 0758

They open just fine in notepad2 when accessed through keypiranha's tray icon via configure packageThanks

3 replies
AHK_ User
I have figured out how to open them in sublime via Keypiranha's tray icon but it would still be nice to know of a way to do it directly via file explorer
hi all,
is it possible to disable network drive scan ?
when my network drive are offline, keypirinha freeze when typing,
sometimes I need to work without these drives.
AHK_ User
This program is so coool. You can actually browse your file directory through it and many times forgo using file Explorer/D_Opus which is extremely usefull when you need to just refrence or grab a file.
I am wondering though, is there a way to rename the selected file/folder through KeyPiranha? There are many standard windows file actions available such as Open, Open with, Properties, Print but nothing in the way of Rename...I suppose I could write a pleb tier Authotkey script that does via copy filepath but it would be so nice If KeyPiranha supported this natively!
1 reply
Hi yall, I'm wondering if I can configure Keypirinha so that I can Google something without a keyword? Like, if I open KP and simply typed "keypirinha" and press enter, it opens a Google search for Keypirinha?
Is it possible to autorun some apps when Keypirinha first loaded ?
1 reply
Hi, is there any plugin to use keypirinha as my keybindings cheatsheet? I usually get that behaviour from Rofi (Linux) grepping a text file full of keybindings
1 reply
Filtering contents from a file based on inserted text would be great
Lovely Malarkey
This message was deleted
Goodday everyone, I'm a beginner starting to use keypirinha for the first time. I just create a theme but couldn't find a way to make it works. Here's the txt [theme/BrownOrangeDark]
opacity_back = 100
satellite_show = always
satellite_pos = topcenter
satellite_size = large
control_margin = 2
textbox_padding = 5
listitem_padding = 8
layout = list_icon,list_selmark,status
color_background = #2A2A2A
color_foreground = #F8F8F8
color_title = #f2f2f2
color_textbox_back = #4F3A2F
color_faded = #a2a2a2
color_status = #9D6E5A
color_accent = #FF7500
color_warn = #FF4400
color_listitem_back = #2A2A2A
color_listitem_title = #F8F8F8
color_listitem_desc = #9D6E5A
color_listitem_tips = #FF4400
color_listitem_selected_back = #1D1D1D
color_listitem_selected_title = #FF7500
color_listitem_selected_desc = #5A9D6E
color_listitem_selected_tips = #FF4400
font_large_size = 28
font_large_style = bold
font_snormal_size = 15
font_snormal_style = cleartype
font_normal_size = 18
font_normal_style = cleartype
font_small_size = 10
font_small_style = cleartype
font_face = Tahoma, Arial, Segoe UI
compact_results = no
listitem_title_font = snormal
1 reply
Please teach me. I want to open directory which is not system folder . How do I set custom .
1 reply
Norlin Games
Hi everyone! Is it possible to use "Switch to.." (TaskBar plugin) option as a default (first one), when it's available, instead of launching a new app instance?
Abhishek Tripathi
Anyone else having issue with packagecontrol?
Hi, how do I backup Keypirinha configuration / settings as I am planning to reinstall windows
1 reply