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Hey all, I am noticing with 2.26 I am getting a crash on reload configuration. I am installed via Chocolatey and have a few plugins, 2 self authored running. The funny thing is the logs don't speak of the crash at all. Is there a place where I could view what caused the crash? I do get a fault in event viewer: Faulting application name: keypirinha-x64.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5fa7c5c5
Faulting module name: python37.dll, version: 3.7.4150.1013, time stamp: 0x5d7dccd4
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x0000000000146f91
Faulting process id: 0x1770
Faulting application start time: 0x01d7d4aad161ac3b
Faulting application path: C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\lib\keypirinha\tools\Keypirinha\bin\x64\keypirinha-x64.exe
Faulting module path: C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\lib\keypirinha\tools\Keypirinha\bin\x64\python37.dll
Report Id: 460ce9cd-edf6-4b68-a13b-075ddff790db
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:
6 replies

Hi all,
out of the sudden, FilesCatalog is no long working.
When I'm trying to reconfig / reload it, I get the below message.
I verified FilesCatalog file exists in Keypirinha\default\Packages.

Did someone experience this?


Package not found: "FilesCatalog"


I'm experiencing some odd behavior from Keypirinha. I've created several profiles for my default web browser, Vivaldi, to match specific use cases. When I try and launch them from Keypirinha, using either the desktop shortcuts I created or using the --profile-directory command line argument, I get the Profile Picker. However, I have web_browser set to launch a default profile using --profile-directory. The expected behavior of opening a given resource from from Keypirinha via URL works just fine. The default profile is used to navigate to the given URL. I tested this with Chrome as well, it behaves the same as Vivaldi does.
3 replies
Hi, is there an API to 'forget' the suggestion? I'm using chocolatey plugin, and whenever I try to run audacity, the chocolatey suggestion appears in front of the main application suggestion. I want that install suggestion to be forgotten. Thanks.
1 reply

Code that creates the suggestion:

        return self.create_item(
            label="%s by %s" % (title, author),
            short_desc="[%s] %s" % (version, summary),
            data_bag="\n".join([choco_url, pkg_src_url, project_url, project_src_url]),

IDK if this is the code to be modified. Original source code here

1 reply
I'm in portable mode. Trying to figure out how to append to $path. Is there a right way and/or less efficient way to do so?
Hey, is it normal for Keypirinha to open Powershell with different font size? When I launch Powershell from the Start Menu it looks normal and modern, but when I launch it from KP, fonts are bigger and it looks like an old terminal.
1 reply
Hi, It's the second time in a week that Keypirinha craches at startup resulting in an error in the event viewer. Subsequent starts gen the same error over and over again in the logs.
Last time after a reboot, the issue was gone. Now I intentionally don't want to restart to see if there is anything in some kind of logs.. But, I don't really seem to find any logs?
Where should I be looking for error logs?
1 reply

Hi all, using Keypirinha for 3 weeks now and I am super happy.
There is one issue that I still have:
I am required to use a proxy for work, however the system settings are not working (Automatic Proxy via script). I changed my config file to have this format:

proxy = http://proxyname.int.domain:1234

For everything else this manual config seems to work, only Keypirinha has issues.
Any ideas how to troubleshoot this? The only error in the logs I can find is an urlopen error timed out.

5 replies
Dror Harari

In Keypirinha issue "[Calc] Add new "subtotal" operator #526" in GitHub fran-f wrote:

I often use Keypirinha for rapid calculations. One pattern that I have noticed repeating is that I start with an operation, then extend the expression building on it. Most of the time, I need to jump back to add brackets around the initial terms. For example I might type 64.55 + 192.37. If I then need 31% of that, I have to type <Home>(<End>) * 0.31.

This has happened often enough that I started wondering: how can I simplify this interaction? I know I can hit Enter to copy the result to the clipboard, but that loses the initial expression.

What about a "subtotal" operator? For example, the symbol } might be free to use. In the example above, I would type 64.55 + 192.37, stop a second to think, then continue with } 0.31. Internally } translates to "put a ( at the beginning of the expression, and a ) here", which would translate to (64.55 + 192.37) 0.31. Multiple } would behave in the same way.

64.55 + 192.37 = 256.92
64.55 + 192.37 } = 256.92
64.55 + 192.37 }
64.55 + 192.37 }
0 = 0
64.55 + 192.37 } * 0.31 = 79.6452
I haven't seen this in other calculators, but I was wondering if this could be a welcome addition to the Calc package. In that's the case, I can prepare a pull request on the Packages repository.

I implemented a small change to Calc to support this (only with ; rather than } as the separator) so you can write:

Example usage

You can download the Calc plunin with this improvement from https://github.com/DrorHarari/Packages/releases/tag/v2.26.SemiCalc - let me know what you think and if you think it's worth pushing this change to Keypirinha.

Hi, does anyone know how to make everything package to work with everything 1.5 alpha?
1 reply
@DrorHarari I have exactly the same repeating pattern as fran-f, so I am very interested in this enhancement. I just checked out your version and in my first tests it works like a charm (and is more intuitive to use than the initial suggestion in the issue). I vote for a pull request. :-)
1 reply
Jeff Axelrod
Is there any way to schedule automatic refreshes of FilesCatalog?
Is there any way to use my trigger on FilesCatalog profile? For example I add paths = D:\MUSIC** and I want to see search results not always, but only when i type "music:".
Is there a way to open a shell menu on a specific result file using keyboard, besides mouse right click?
1 reply
Anurag Gupta
Hi, does anyone know why some windows application such as settings, camera, windows terminal are not being listed when I search for them
3 replies
Jan M.
Heyo! So, I don't know whether to file an issue about it or not, but my installation of Keypirinha breaks on a regular basis - maybe once a week.
I have it installed through Chocolatey and it happened on three separate machines, two of them Windows 10, one of them Windows 11 now (Win10 before).
I get this error here:
A forced reinstall fixes this again... I don't know what's that about but it's annoying. ;) Anybody experienced an issue like that?
For me it's been going on for years but somehow using the quick choco install keypirinha --force workaround was the lazier option than trying to report it. :D
9 replies
Hello, how do I uninstall Keypirinha? I deleted all the folders in Appdata, exited the programme and deleted the files in the directory I kept it in, but it keeps popping up when I press ALT-SPACE. Thanks in advance.
6 replies
Abhishek Tripathi
which plugin allows me to open the system folders like "Downloads", "Documents" etc?
I have set the file_explorer as xyplorer but somehow this plugin always opens using windows explorer.
In console I see following:
20:11:13.013 Item properties:
  label:           Downloads
  short_desc:      Opens the user's Downloads folder
  target:          Downloads
  category:        keyword (10)
  args_hint:       forbidden
  hit_hint:        noargs
  plugin:          WinSys.WinSys (5165154887251149068)
  item_id:         15164446230200871100
  loop_on_suggest: false
I see winsys is a plugin. How can I make it use the explorer of my choice?
there seems to be no configuration in the plugin and it doesn't leverage the default configuration in KP settings file
Steffen Brüheim
maybe ask or request for that feature directly in the plugin repository: https://github.com/kvnxiao/keypirinha-winsys/issues
Is there an updated list of Keypirinha plugins other than documentation
1 reply
Hey hey hey! I'm looking at the Calc Package section of the Docs, specifically the section on the built-in number suffixes, and I have a quick question: is there an easy-enough way for me to add another suffix to this list?
6 replies
To be more clear: in my work I do a lot of transforming time between base 60 and base 100. Which I am constantly doing simple math like 37,5/60 to find out how to express 37 minutes in hours decimal (turns out it's .62 hours if you're wondering).
It would be delightfully useful for me if I could add a suffix just like the centi and deci one, but dividing by 60 instead of 100 and 10. So that I could instead just type something like h37,5 and get the result of 37,5 / 60.
I'm currently using PowerToys Run for my keyboard launcher needs, but if I can make Keypirinha work to my advantage in this way, I will switch immediately.
The FilesCatalog package doesn't seem to keep track of new files in real-time. Is this the expected behavior? Also, is there a config option to change this?
1 reply
Dror Harari

When using the PackageControl plugin, trying to look for plugins with the "PackageControl: Install Package: option, I was getting a timeout error and in the console screen (F2) the following error appeared:

During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Keypirinha\portable\Profile\InstalledPackages\PackageControl.keypirinha-package\packagecontrol.py", line 455, in _get_available_packages
  File "C:\Keypirinha\portable\Profile\InstalledPackages\PackageControl.keypirinha-package\packagecontrol.py", line 435, in _get_available_packages
  File "C:\Keypirinha\python\site\keypirinha_net.py", line 40, in open
    fullurl, *args, data=data, timeout=timeout, **kwargs)
  File "lib\urllib\request.py", line 525, in open
  File "lib\urllib\request.py", line 543, in _open
  File "lib\urllib\request.py", line 503, in _call_chain
  File "lib\urllib\request.py", line 1360, in https_open
  File "lib\urllib\request.py", line 1319, in do_open
urllib.error.URLError: <urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: certificate has expired (_ssl.c:1076)>
15:54:25.242 ** ERROR: Error from PackageControl.PackageControl.on_suggest: <class 'TypeError'>: 'NoneType' object is not iterable
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Keypirinha\portable\Profile\InstalledPackages\PackageControl.keypirinha-package\packagecontrol.py", line 199, in on_suggest

The certificate of the PackageControl repository (ue.spdns.de) was all right and showed fine in Chrome. The problem appears to be that the site is signed with LetsEncrypt and my computer had an expired Root Certificate Authority (CA) certificate that was supporting the LetsEncrypt CA. Deleting that expired certificate (using both certmgr and certlm) fixed the problem.

1 reply
Dror Harari

Question about plugin development: How do I create a catalog item that will not allow the user to type more text after tabbing into it?

Thus far, all the ways I created items, the user could always type more text. An example of the behavior is the WindowsApps where I select an item in the catalog, I cannot add more text. Indeed, that plugin does not have on_suggest but I want to get the same behavior after I added a suggestion...

5 replies
Dror Harari

I am working on a plugin to control Windows services (start, stop, etc.)

My problem is that calling the ServiceControl() Win32 API requires elevated privileges. I know that the utility function keypirinha_util.shell_execute() has a try_runas parameter that tries to run the command with elevated privileges.

Is there a way to do it inside the plugin code - e.g. elevate privs before running the API, returning to normal after?

I guess I could run the Windows sc.exe program and use the try_runas flag but I prefer not to started another process.

10 replies
Hi, is there any plugins for dictionary in keypirinha? my first language is not english so it will be helpful for me.
1 reply
How/where can I configure Actions which can be performed on the file?
3 replies
Le Tuan Hai
Hi. I'm writing a plugin to control media playback by simulating media keys using ctypes to call SendInput. However, the plugin only works correctly when the console window is open.
I've tried logging the return of the SendInput call. It showed that in both case (when the console window is and is not presented), the function call is successful (the number of events successfully inserted in to the keyboard stream is both 1 ). But only when the console window is open then media playback is actually paused (when send play/pause key), when it's not open, nothing happens.
Can anyone give me some hints into what might be the cause of this?
I've tried in both Live mode (/Packages) and redistributed mode (/InstalledPackages)
2 replies

heyo, which part of the documentation does

> kptmpl package keypirinha-musicbee keypirinha-musicbee
ERROR: package name does not comply to package naming rules (check documentation)

refer to?

it should be indicated that the prefix is prepended automatically, or - if already present - the script shouldn't fail
why i can't access to any files of this folder
i can only access Desktop where can i adjust the setting that can search Desktop/* children
how could i fix it
ok got my answer here : Keypirinha/Keypirinha#314
Is there a way to map ctrl+win+k to the Windows key (nothing else)?
1 reply
Rami Sedhom
Hello there, I would like to easily convert from/to currency through keypirinha, any idea how to add this?
1 reply