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Repo info
    Kyle A. King
    so, this may be a bit of a noob question, but how do you save a designed exercise back onto the server?
    Aria Buckles
    @kyconquers we don't have open source logic for that--you want to call .serialize() on the ItemRenderer, and store the result of that somewhere. We store it in our google appengine datastore, but you'd probably want to use whatever database your site is using
    Kyle A. King
    @ariabuckles where in a KA-Lite instance would that be?
    Kyle A. King
    the serialize button does not seem to work. Is there a know commit where it did?
    Aria Buckles
    @kyconquers I don't know where that is in KA-Lite; you'd probably have to ask the KA-Lite team
    @kyconquers the serialize button prints json to the javascript console. It still seems to work for me
    Hi all. I'm trying to figure out how to write exercises in perseus to see if it's a fit for my project. Access to exsiting exercises would be great. I undestand that unlike the old exercises, they are stored in the datastore. Anyway to access them?
    Reto Aebersold
    Hi all. I get "Dev-only warning: Each child in an array or iterator should have a unique ..." from react-with-addons.js. Is threre a production build of this so i don't get this warings?
    Pratik Thakkar
    @ariabuckles Where can I find the answer checking files in perseus repository?
    This message was deleted
    I am trying to create a hint http://i.imgur.com/HDZAEMg.png using perseus exercise framework ? I am wondering if this is something possible ?
    Aria Buckles
    the hints for the long arithmetic exercises use khan-exercises right now; there isn't a way to do them in perseus
    Gideon Israel Dsouza

    Hi guys. I'm really looking to use perseus to learn two things in one go. Here is me on KA : https://www.khanacademy.org/profile/gideon/

    I've been re-learning my math at KA but I also need to study economics for an umcomping test. I'm a C# programmer by profession but I really need something like a Q&A system to practice or remember Economics, somehow it vanishes from my head pretty quick :/

    Now, I learned python recently so I thought what better way to practice both (python+economics) than to use the KA platform to build a few Q&A's for some of the simple economics questions

    Thing is, seeing the online demo (http://khan.github.io/perseus) I have no clue how to render questions? How do I first off do that? I've already submitted an issue on the github repo weeks ago.
    Matt Dunn-Rankin
    @gideondsouza I'm not part of the core team, but I suspect that the current way is to use React and create a Renderer component. I wonder whether we offer a more Perseus-specific API, or whether we even should...
    Mareo Raft

    Hi @ariabuckles ,

    On https://github.com/Khan/perseus, the image of Perseus shows a left side bar with the exercise name and all the items. There is also a top bar that says "Edit", "Preview", "Diff", and "Analytics". The live demo, however, does not include these. When I download and run locally also, these are not included.

    I'm wondering if those things are actually a part of perseus, or are instead an additional wrapper around perseus. I would like to find the code relevant to those things.

    My current objective is to add a "JIRA" link somewhere in the top bar (maybe top right, i dunno). When an item is selected (such as "x01d58ba504b53acc"), then the URL of the link would be "https://khanacademy.atlassian.net/issues/?jql=cf%5B10025%5D%3Dx01d58ba504b53acc". This would be super convenient for the question writers, because we sometimes want to know what issues have previously arisen in an item before changing it (and finding them in JIRA manually is a little annoying, especially for the less tech savvy).

    Cheers! :)

    This message was deleted
    Is perseus exercise supported on Android mobile app ? I just installed mobile app on my phone and did not see any exercises ? I am wondering if there are any issues ?
    Aria Buckles
    @MareoRaft that sounds awesome, but unfortunately that part isn't open source right now (it is very tied into the rest of the KA webapp codebase, and colocated there) :(
    @bnk1990 they haven't added exercises to the android mobile app yet; doing so requires some work building all the scaffolding infrastructure around perseus and khan-exercises that exists in the iPad app

    How to set the width and height of plotter widgets ?

    I am creating an exercise using plotter widget with a bar chart. As the number of items in x-axis is increasing, the width of the chart is getting bigger and eventually overlapping with the hint areas.

    Here is how it looks:http://imgur.com/usdduU3

    How can I set the width of the chart so that it would not overlap ?


    Jiri Daněk
    @bnk1990 exercises are now supported only on iPad (not iPhone). And on the web, obviously.
    Hi @all
    I'm trying to use perseus to automate my financial literacy class, I'm having issues figuring out how to use the tool. Can anyone help me?
    Need a little help from Khan Academy exercise team. I am trying to use Khan Academy Perseus exercise framework for a non profit. While building I am getting [lint] Error 4 and the build is unscuccesful. I have pulled code from master branch. Any help is really appreciated much. Here is detail logs ~/perseus$ make build
    rm -rf build/

    submodules already initialized
    npm install
    npm WARN package.json perseus@0.0.1 No license field.
    npm WARN package.json Dependency 'aphrodite' exists in both dependencies and devDependencies, using 'aphrodite@^0.3.0' from dependencies
    node-jsx@0.11.0 node_modules/node-jsx
    rm -rf node_modules/react-components
    ln -s ../react-components/js node_modules/react-components
    rm -rf node_modules/kmath
    ln -s ../kmath node_modules/kmath
    rm -rf node_modules/simple-markdown
    ln -s ../simple-markdown node_modules/simple-markdown
    rm -rf simple-markdown/node_modules
    rm -rf kmath/node_modules
    rm -rf react-components/node_modules
    cd math-input && npm install --production && cd ..
    npm WARN package.json math-input@0.0.1 No repository field.
    rm -rf math-input/node_modules/react
    rm -rf math-input/node_modules/react-dom
    rm -rf math-input/node_modules/react-addons-
    SKIPPING lint of fonts/Proxima-Nova-Regular.woff: No such file or directory
    SKIPPING lint of fonts/Proxima-Nova-Regular.woff2: No such file or directory
    SKIPPING lint of fonts/Proxima-Nova-Semibold.woff: No such file or directory
    SKIPPING lint of fonts/Proxima-Nova-Semibold.woff2: No such file or directory
    [lint] Error 4

    I would like to see live preview of content in the right side while I am creating in perseus editor. However the box is showing empty. Please refer the image : http://imgur.com/a/cW2Tq

    However, it used to work in older version (http://imgur.com/a/8lOAJ)

    Appreciate your help.

    Aria Buckles
    @bnk1990 I responded to #92 on github (though I haven't fixed it)
    Miheer Dewaskar
    Hi. Where can I find the documentation for perseus. Can I use it to create exercises for my class?
    Aria Buckles
    @miheerdew it's meant for developers to integrate to a website; unfortunately KA doesn't have something that lets educators create exercises right now :(
    Miheer Dewaskar
    @ariabuckles How can I test/experiment on it? Is there some doc on getting started?
    Aria Buckles
    @miheerdew the readme has instructions for installation, and the CONTRIBUTING.md has some instructions for how it works internally
    there's a demo site but it's not working any more
    I have deployed a week ago on this site (http://educateglobal.org/perseus/). You can use it in case. I am sure KA folks will fix on demo site soon.
    Aria Buckles
    neat, thanks @bnk1990!
    Kevin Barabash
    @bnk1990 I tried the URL you posted by it's returning 403 Forbidden.
    @kevinbarabash Please check now. Its working. This is my test machine.
    Alexander Wunschik
    Hi guys! What is the best way at the moment to develop new exercices? I'm coaching a child at kindergarten level and would like to create new simple counting exercise. Is that possible?

    Hi guys, I have some technical issues importing perseus.js.

    I've followed all instructions from 'make build' to 'requiring external dependencies' globally as described in webpack.config.js but I still get many errors like :
    ( Uncaught ReferenceError: i18n is not defined perseus.js:37096
    (anonymous function) @ perseus.js:37096
    webpack_require @ perseus.js:34) etc.

    I've managed to reduce the list of errors by downgrading jquery package to version 2.2.4.

    My goal is to be able to render Exercices made at a perseus editor (JSon format). Any help would be more than appreciated.

    I am using react to render views in a meteor application.

    Many Thanks.

    Juang Wiantoro
    Hello, I wonder is there any tutorial about integrating react app to Perseus?
    umar haider
    hi im trying to use scantron automation
    with remark for sat act
    HELP PLEASE! I'm trying to get "perseus configured" working (https://www.npmjs.com/package/perseus-configured). I directly copied the app.js and questionrenderer.js files over, but I'm getting this error: Invariant Violation: Expected ref to be a function, a string, an object returned by React.createRef(), or null.
    The only change I made was to get rid of the typescript stuff type Props = { question: { data: QuestionDataType, attribution?: ?string, }, setRef?: (node: any) => void, readOnly?: boolean, };because it won't run in a js file. Would that have anything to do with my error? I'll be eternally grateful if one of you guys could point me in the right direction. Thanks!
    So it looks like the problem is that perseus doesn't work with react v16 +
    Seongmin Choi
    Hi guys, just here to tell you that the example image in the landing page at the perseus github is broken
    what is the version of react in perseus.can anyone tell me
    Abhishek Kumar
    hey anybody over here going through ossu and is active at hackerrank or codechef


    I have tried creating a cloze test on Kolibri Studio but it is not possible due to the unavailability of a dropdown. I have attached an example from Khan Academy Exercise.

    I have also tried using Khan Academy's Perseus Exercise editor but I have not been able to configure it. Please help!