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Simon Wollwage
Steve Klabnik
oh this is neat
Simon Wollwage
yep. I should set it as one of my default pages again.
hello there
so i am very new on changing the windows manager on my mac so if anyone could link me a guide on how i can get started that would be great
Simon Wollwage
Oh, on mac that's not really doable. There was a mac binding for xmonad, but wasn't fully integrated either.
Dimitri Torterat
Yeah, I tried to compile it on my Mac, it builds fine but running it just launches X11 haha.
Simon Wollwage
That's because it is a window manager for X.org/X11. Mac runs on Quartz. There is a way to use it for managing your OSX windows...at least XMonad was able to iirc
Florian Gilcher
Tiling WMs on OS X usually use the accessibility API, but I didn't enjoy any of them for that reason.
they cannot keep windows fixed, it introduces lag, etc.
Danilo Bargen
Hi. Somehow I have a hard time figuring out how everything works. I'm coming from dwm, not from xmonad :) I managed to start the xsession with wtftw. I can use tags. But multi monitor support seems strange. Windows pop up seemingly randomly on one or the other screen. Is there a way to move windows between screens (like mod+, in dwm)?
Also, I simply started xmobar from the terminal, but it covers the existing windows. What do I have to do so it doesn't do that?
Third, how can I get the tags to display on the xmobar?
Some intro docs would be fantastic :) Or if you answer all these issues in here, I might be able to create a blog post or PR with markdown docs.
And is there some kind of "switch back to previous tag" like mod+tab in dwm?
Simon Wollwage
@dbrgn for multimonitor support, run xrandr
how to see tags in xmobar: see the example config in config/config.rs in the repository
the default is 9 workspaces, so with 2 monitors, the first one will start on workspace 1, the second one on workspace 2
mod + number switches the current monitor to workspace 'number'
except if that workspace is visible on another screen
then it just moves focus there
to move a window to another workspace: shift + mod + number
but this can be freely adjusted in the config
I just started a new job, so I don't have much time at the moment. But I will write some intro docs in the far future when wtftw hits 1.0
Hi. How to start wtftw as user? #89
Simon Wollwage
What do you mean by "as user"? You either have to add it to the list of xsessions (/usr/share/xsession on most systems) or you can run it locally for testing inside a Xnest/Xephyr
Hey which tiling wm's are the main influences on the design of wtftw
is it trying to be a bspwm (super minimalism) or awesome/i3 (full on)
Simon Wollwage
@50574E sorry, I rarely look in here atm. The inspiration was XMonad
Niels Horn
good day
how exactly is one supposed to set up the window manager?
I'm running Ubuntu 16.04
Ohai! I'm having a few issues with the configuration. that is, as soon as I place a configuration and restart wtftw, none of my keybindings will work (not having edited the config at all). (also, racer does not seem to work for the config crate for some reason :( )
İsmet Sezer
Hi I have problem about X11. I was trying to create window manager and I created windows and its child window but I dont know how can I open any program in child window
In this image,there is green window, I have to open any program in this green window
I has written in X11
Please Help Me
Brian Servia
Hello everyone, does anyone know how to change the font size when running wtfwt?
1 reply
Wojciech Niedźwiedź
hey guys
I'd like to try wtftw out
I'm on manjaro i3 edition linux
it mentions xinit, I'm not sure what that is or whether I'm using it at all
Wojciech Niedźwiedź
ok I managed to get xinit installed, my config is
when I select xinit in my lightdm it crashes immediately
Wojciech Niedźwiedź
I managed tu get it to work somehow
Wojciech Niedźwiedź
how do I change config? changing ~/.wtftw/src/config.rs doesn't seem to do anything