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Repo info
    Bernd Fallert
    Kitodo.Presentation Demo Installation: all classes with 'tx-dlf-' are in low letters, but in our own test installation they are CamelCase. Examplae: <div class="tx-dlf-toolbox"> / <div class="tx-dlf-Toolbox">. I'm grateful for any advice
    I am not sure, if this is a "living" chat room, but at least I would like to give it a try ...
    I am a novice in using Kitodo.Presentation. I would like to try it out, if it fits our purposes.
    Unfortunately, I could not find any "step-by-step" setup guide.
    So far, I have found general hints (like the requirements) in readme of https://github.com/kitodo/kitodo-presentation.
    And, I also found this tutorial here https://github.com/kitodo/kitodo-tutorials/blob/master/kitodo3/12_installation-kitodo-presentation.md,
    but this belongs to Version 2 of Kitodo.Presentation, and looking at some details, there are some patches described, which might not be correct anymore.
    So, could you please give me some hints, e.g. some other documentation, which I have not found, how to setup Kitodo-Presentation?
    Stefan Weil
    It wasn't a living chat room up to now, but maybe that can change in the future? Regarding Kitodo.Presentation: I suggest to start with a local installation of the DFG viewer. The DFG viewer is based on Kitodo.Presentation and should give you a working base which you can examine and adapt to your needs.
    Ok, many thanks - I will give it a try ...
    ... in case of further questions, I will ask again ;-)
    Hi again,
    I could manage to install the DFGViewer.
    Unfortunately, the final step, really to show something, does not work.
    I struggle with https://github.com/slub/dfg-viewer/blob/master/Documentation/Index.rst#configure-dfg-viewer-and-kitodopresentation , which I do not understand.
    I can find in TYPO3 in "Templates" my site, and with mouse over I can identify an "ID: 1".
    But this does not work properly when trying out this link
    (of course, changing example.com to my dns, and setting id=1 (I have tried both "1" and "2").
    Can somebody help me, to do this final step?