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Repo info
Jeremy Perret
Jérémy James
Javier Seixas
Is there anybody here?
How I can set customized parameters to the FriendlyContexts, for example, the api base_url?
David Jegat
hello :)
Aleš Blaznik
base_url: http://api.lan/api/v2
is that what you've meant? Just indent correctly
Javier Seixas
That's what I wanted. Thanks alesblaznik!
Javier Seixas
Hi again everyone! Does anyboy knows if the EntityContext works for ManyToMany relationships?
It seems not to work, but just to be sure I'm not doing something wrong...
David Jegat
Hi !
Yes, the entity context supports the ManyToMany
What's your case ?
Javier Seixas
Cool! Yeah, now it works. The problem was how I ordered the Given entities, I guess because of the doctrine's owning side stuff. Thanks Djeg!
Robin Cawser
Does anyone have a way of using alice processors?
David Jegat
That a good point, there is no way ATM :(
It needs to be done, but i think @PedroTroller is working on a new "version" nop ? Maybe we have to wait for the moment. Anyway, what is your issue, i can probably help a bit ?
Yes, @Djeg @robcaw I try to work on a new version, but I don't have time, for the moment, to finish it. Currently, I'm reviewing current PR.
Hi, Thank you for the bundle, it's really usefull and we're starting to use it for our project Victoire. Nevertheless, I still have a problem with Entity / Alice Contexts, I asked here : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30020820/cannot-reference-alice-fixture-in-entitycontext-following-step-knplabs-friendly, I don't know if you can help me but it would be great ;)
sergio marchesini
Hi, one quick question: How do I know what fields I can use to identify an entity (loaded via alice) in an entityContext step
sergio marchesini
ok got it there seems to be a bug in 0.5.11: KnpLabs/FriendlyContexts#168
hi, quick question: is friendlycontexts specifically written for symfony and doctrine or could it be use with e.g. zend framework and propel?
Maxime Veber
@all KnpLabs/FriendlyContexts#218 go merge that PR ! >.>
Vincent D.
Hi! does anyone know how to specify an array for a post request in the ApiContext ?