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Hi Guys, Do we have any solution for the PostgresDB Master-Slave setup? I have a requirement to scale the Postgres DB.
@tsn77130 Are you taking about service endpoint(svc.servicename)?
Chris Castro
hi, is there a way to make Kong to reconnect/retry upstream connections while keeping client downstream connections alive?
Our backends use streams connections to communicate with clients, we would like to be able to redeploy these backends without interrupting client connections. is it possible?


I am new to Kong. I am trying to deploy Kong API Gateway into my kubernetes cluster in DBLESS mode.

What I have done was I created a dockerfile which I push to ECR repo.

Which looks like this
FROM kong:2.5

KONG_PROXY_ERROR_LOG=/dev/stderr \
KONG_ADMIN_ERROR_LOG=/dev/stderr \

Then I am pulling down image from ecr in my deployment.yaml. I have load kong.yaml into a ConfigMap but ran into this error

stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'error'
/usr/local/share/lua/5.1/kong/init.lua:525: in function 'init'
init_by_lua:3: in main chunk
nginx: [error] init_by_lua error: /usr/local/share/lua/5.1/kong/init.lua:525: error parsing declarative config file /app/kong.yaml:
/app/kong.yaml: No such file or directory
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'error'
/usr/local/share/lua/5.1/kong/init.lua:525: in function 'init'
init_by_lua:3: in main chunk

Has anyone come across this?

1 reply

I just installed kong api gateway and konga UI on google cloud. I configured a simple backend service and UI page with route to outsite, everything is working as expected. I have added route and service for deployed UI application.

my question is if there is any plugin for Kong that can keep the original browser URL after the redirect?

For example:
client send request to www.koko.example.com and Kong redirect him to www.fofo.example.com. What happened now is that the user see in the browser URL address line the www.fofo.example.com and I want to keep the www.koko.example.com address there..

Is there any option to do it?

Narendra Patel
Hi, is there a way to redirect user to a custom error page. Trying to do with a custom nginx template and error_page config but it keeps redirecting to the old error. Need to change the message for few plugins like rate limiting and ip-restriction.
Hi Everyone
I am following https://docs.konghq.com/gateway/2.6.x/install-and-run/centos/ to Enable and configure Kong Manager
kong.conf:admin_gui_url =
when i do kong restart -c /etc/kong/kong.conf and netstat -anp | grep 8002 it does not show up the port 8002 and while hitting I encounter This site can’t be reached refused to connect.
Please guide. Thanks in Advance.
kong version 2.6.0 running on CentOS Stream release 8
Hi, is there a way to decrypt TLS traffic in kong? Our clients need access to our API via https, but i do not want support that in all internal services
I have setup openID connect plugin globally for Kong in my K8s cluster. I am using Okta as the IDP and want to use Kong as a reverse proxy for my monolithic app that I have containerised and it has /css and /js paths. I have configured / to the service backend in ingress. The Okta integration works fine but the /css and /js paths error out. Is there a way to specify wildcard redirect_uris for paths ?
Hi. I discovered that there seems to be a problem that key-auth and request-transformer plugins are not compatible with each other (using the latest version). Does anyone have some ideas about that? Otherwise I will create an Github Issue now (I can post the link)
So the problem is: request-transform only works when key auth is turned off
Basically key-auth seems to delete the entry added to the header
Marco Palladino
@tbrodbeck GitHub ticket please
Zeljko Marenovic
Hello guys. I have quick question. Is it possible to install kong plus in local?
Shubham Palriwala
Hey everyone, I am getting into running Kong locally to start contributing to some good small issues I found out.
I user Archcraft (Arch Linux x86_64), lua 5.1 and luarocks configured to use with lua 5.1.
I setup Kong using luarocks make and was able to successfully install it. Following the guide on our DEVELOPER.md, i tried to run make dev, but ran into the following error. Any help here would be great, looking forward to your help
HI guys, I'm using the plugin openid-connect to validate the access token "bearer token" (header: authorization) via my OIDC provider and extracting claims from the token to the upstream's header. Because of that I don't need that Kong forward the header "authorization" to my upstream service. Any chance to remove the header "authorization" in the plugin openid-connect?
Is there a clean and tidy way to integrate modsecurity into Kong? We have a need for a WAF and I really REALLY do not want to have to use AWS WAF.
how to set client to kong's keepalilve?
Is there a way to create structured json logs with kong? I am using a helm chart. I haven't been able to find a solid example that shows how to convert the logs into json.
@tmdonalds: we build a docker image with a custom http-include.conf baked in there, which specifies nginx log_format company_log_fmt '{...}' then in the helm values we have proxy_access_log: "logs/access.log company_log_fmt"
I am interested in knowing if anyone has been able to change the error message failure to get a peer from the ring-balancer error, it confuses many of our developers and there is no amount of documentation we can make to help it. Do we have control over this error message?
1 reply
Hi , I have problem when deploy Kong with docker-compose. Somebody help me
Hazem Elsayed
I'm looking for a method so I can have Kong serve both APIs and SPAs in the same solution, for example
‘/login’ would serve s login SPA
‘/homepage’ would serve another SPA for homepage
‘/api’ would serve the API calls for JSON responses
Hi Team, is it suggestable to update worker_connections value manually instead of updating it with ulimit
Elyahou Ittah

Hello, I need to check current phase in custom plugin, and I found there is two ways to do it:

ngx.ctx.KONG_PHASE or ngx.get_phase()

Does someone know what is the difference ?

aditya sahu

Hi team, just wanted to ask if there's any way to get consumer id of the consumer hitting a service from response transformation plugin, or from any plugin/without plugin?


José Cunha Fonte
Hello. I want to create a PR to fix a bug #8608 I have raised some days ago. Where can I get permission to push a branch? Thanks.
shabarish d
Hello Team, we are running Kong and suddenly from today morning we see this below issue
2022/04/12 19:53:44 [notice] 25#0: *39255 [lua] init.lua:393: insert(): ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "services_name_key" Key (name)=(tenant-378468b6-40a4-44d7-94a4-7c6976a00031.airflow-service.8080) already exists., client:, server: kong_admin, request: "POST /services HTTP/1.1", host: "localhost:8444
any idea what might be the issue ? can someone please help
Ivanin Ivanov
Hello - does the ldap (base, not advanced) authentication plugin work with the session plugin?
I can get basic auth + session to work fine and Set-Cookie header is returned. But when I add ldap authentication to my service and authenticate with "Authorization: ldap ....", kong does not return a Set-Cookie header. Basic authentication still returns Set-Cookie while ldap auth is enabled.
Am I missing something?
Hey I try to build kong both locally (ubuntu VM) and with vscode dev container and get the error "[emerg] invalid variable name "default" in /usr/local/kong/nginx-kong.conf:51"
I saw it's related to the new commit that changed the nginx.conf but I don't know how to solve it :(
bash-4.2# kubectl create -f https://bit.ly/k4k8s
Unable to connect to the server: net/http: TLS handshake timeout
How to solve this problem when installing ingress?
Increase ram from 2G to 4G, still so
master ram
Rosa Imantoro


I've installed CORS plugin on Kong 2 CE. Adding this domain to allowed origin https://deploy-preview-12--myapp.netlify.app.

But its still failed and cannot successfully got the response.

Only when I'm changing origin header request to localhost (ps: localhost:3000 also added in allowed origin), it successfully get the response.

 -H 'origin: http://localhost:3000' \
  -H 'referer: http://localhost:3000/' \

Below is the CORS config

  "protocols": [
  "enabled": true,
  "id": "b5234cfa-d23a-4d7e-9cd3-62e1aec892ff",
  "consumer": null,
  "config": {
    "preflight_continue": false,
    "methods": [
    "exposed_headers": [
    "origins": [
    "credentials": false,
    "headers": [
    "max_age": null
  "tags": null,
  "route": null,
  "name": "cors",
  "created_at": 1648633127,
  "service": null

Can anyone help, where do I'm doing this wrong?

Hakan Çelik
Can anyone help, How to support consumer group features in response rate-limiting plugin, like enterprise rate limit plugin?
Jérôme Villeneuve-Larouche
Hi, I'm getting some weird error trying to apply a request-transformer plugin to a kubernetes ingress using Kong Ingress Controller.
This is the error message when it tries to apply the new config declarative config is invalid: {plugins={[4]={route={id=\\\"missing primary key\\\"}}}}\. I can't seem to find any information about that error online.
Lalitha Prasad Ch
Is it possible to configure connection pooling in Kong for PostgreSql?
João Victor Carvalho
Hey, good morning!
I have this problem that looks like it comes from Nginx.
This is the Kong log:
SSL_do_handshake() failed (SSL: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:wrong version number) while SSL handshaking to upstream
The cause of this error comes from the set_target function inside a plugin but I don't know why
The strangest is that the server receives this:
João Victor Carvalho
code 400, message Bad request syntax ("\x16\x03\x01\x00½\x01\x00\x00¹\x03\x03<©\x1a/#ÏxnfvÉż\x9e\x97'¶FjAsÖ]\x80ϯ(\x9f\x96\x90nÿ\x00\x008À,À0\x00\x9f̨̩̪À+À/\x00\x9eÀ$À(\x00kÀ#À'\x00gÀ")                                                            Î" 400 -
 - - [23/May/2022 12:01:57] code 400, message Bad request version ("\x00\x008À,À0\x00\x9f̨̩̪À+À/\x00\x9eÀ$À(\x00kÀ#À'\x00gÀ")
 - - [23/May/2022 12:01:57] "½¹ó!ê©V³pÛ¾c²ÙÏ"Üón_                                                               M¨8À,À0    )aËÞJðv=¾¹8À,À0