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Dec 2014
Abhinav Gauniyal
Dec 25 2014 09:16
@AdityaChaudhary Don't try to mix 2 3 things at one go , isolate the compiler into another web page and when we have tested it properly , you could go on with authentication procedures. I'm not criticizing any of the thing that you've developed , its just we could go on by doing 1 thing at a time :smile: .
I couldn't test the compiler but design was nice :wink:
Garvit Gupta
Dec 25 2014 10:30
@AdityaChaudhary Unable to open
Abhinav Gauniyal
Dec 25 2014 10:57
@TheGarvitGupta , it was up a moment ago , @AdityaChaudhary can we remove the need to login so that team could check out compiler :smile:
Abhinav Gauniyal
Dec 25 2014 11:04
@/all , I am going to make suitable git branches , set a few uniform resources for the whole team so we can jumpstart the development. So I'll be asking a few questions from everyone and which part would they be contributing too , and will update wiki with that.
Aditya Chaudhary
Dec 25 2014 17:20
@TheGarvitGupta, you couldn't test it coz its running on my system and my system would have been off at that time.
@agauniyal , I have also made separate login modules on One is in persona dir and other one is in facebook dir.