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Jan 2015
Aarti Kaushik
Jan 23 2015 15:04 UTC
@agauniyal , I've mailed my prototype to you. you'll find it in a compressed file.
Abhinav Gauniyal
Jan 23 2015 15:17 UTC
Yeah just saw it. It is definitely a good start and we'll move on with it. Since I got just 2 mockups and we've to deliver site till monday ( soft limit :wink2: ) , I'm going to commit the code by today only.
Abhinav Gauniyal
Jan 23 2015 15:28 UTC
I've already pushed the code to the repository. You'll be able to see most recent pushes and other notifications on right side of gitter , under activity stream :smile: . We're currently on adding-landing-page branch. anyone signing up new code related to landing page for sanganak , kindly commit the code at that branch only , rest create a new branch and I'll merge it in future.
@AdityaChaudhary and @HittuGarg , moreover if @Bryze or @dipanshunagar are free :eyes: , we'll need to decide backend flowchart for events , right from authentication to declaring winners.
Abhinav Gauniyal
Jan 23 2015 15:34 UTC
things we need to decide:
  1. How to provide authentication. + it should be as simple as possible ( users shouldn't turn back just for accessibility reasons ) , do we need to add persona + fb + twitter authentication , or just go with email + unique secure link method , or trusted authO , or implement ours? there is only 1 requirement on top of my head , to keep it simple.
  2. How many tables , like single with email + name + other personal details + event specific data and details , or 1 for personal details and different others for each event?
  3. VM or shared hosting?
  4. ??
Abhinav Gauniyal
Jan 23 2015 15:48 UTC
@DeepakPawar95 , can you design a page featuring different different design submissions from participants with their votes on submissions? something like this :
not exactly like this , put your ideas in it , take it as a sketch only