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Feb 2015
Feb 21 2015 16:00
Hi, all

@Kuree , Decimal values of the value (after "Set High Bit") needed for s attribute in XML files:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<I c="CommandSuperInteraction" i="interaction" m="interactions.base.immediate_interaction" 
   n="MTS_Scumbumbo_Pregnancy_Scan" s="17608706005782878675">

Now my steps are:
1 - Resource - add - fill Type, group, Name
2 - Button for FNV64
3 - button "Set High Bit"
4 - copy value from the Instance field
5 - open app Hpmbcalc (
6 - paste copied value to the Hpmbcalc
7 - convert from hex to dec
8 - copy dec value
9 - paste dec value to the xml's s attribute
10 - import xml file to the S4PE
It will be useful, if S4PE will have not only textBox with hex value of the Instance, but also have textBox with the dec value of the Instance. I will cut steps 5-8 and save time on adding new Resource item.