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Anastasios Rigatos
I didn't quite understand you
Anastasios Rigatos
how do you develop the source code?
i opened the source code of l2j server in eclipse
using jdk11
and i get a lot of errors
I did it according to the instructions https://www.l2jserver.com/windows.html
Anastasios Rigatos
to build the server we use maven
what about working on the files?
like adding a new method in a file
I downloaded the source and compiled it using the mvn install instruction
I didn't do anything there
Anastasios Rigatos
you havent tried to change something in the source
or add something?
Please all join us in Discord
gitter channel will close soon!
rene loyer gaete
zoey? pls
Maybe I'm wrong but we are now at Discord, right? -.-
Please all join us in Discord
This channel will be removed soon (tm)
Come on guys to discord we are giving nuts there
Виталий василащук
поиогтье с бафером
Trade Man
hi i got this error, any fix?
@sokero_gitlab join us in https://discord.gg/HyE2VfY
@/all JOIN US IN https://discord.gg/HyE2VfY NEXT WEEK WE CLOSE THIS CHANNEL!
hi guys
I have a question? Gracia final version is still using jdk 1.6 to compiler?
Yeison J Espinoza
hmm, not closed still
Pablo Palma
hi everyone! Someone have some npc buffer tutorial or pack for l2j interlude?
Alex Vargas Benamburg
Hi, some one know where can i donwload a client for the actual server? jave donwloaded like 3 clients HIgh Five part 5 but none of them work
hello,i'm new and i'd like a question when u chose the from all the client on eclipse the development is the high five?
Yeison J Espinoza
Weiyi Lai

hi, all
i have a question.
db install -sql C:\opt\l2j\server\login\sql -u l2j -p l2jserver2019 -m FULL -t LOGIN -c -mods
db install -sql C:\opt\l2j\server\game\sql -u l2j -p l2jserver2019 -m FULL -t GAME -c -mods

but my os is ubuntu 18.04
not have c disk, the bash is right?

so put /usr/local/yourfullpath
Weiyi Lai
yes, it's solve.
i click l2.exe, alert don't have l2.bin
how do i get it?
Yeison J Espinoza
Guilherme Emilio Raduenz
Hey, anyone already tried to run the l2j server in a Raspberry PI?
Yeison J Espinoza
hello do anyone met with this problem?:[WARN ] 2020-09-16 17:28:17 Inventory: Could not restore inventory: (conn=1215)
Unknown column 'agathion_energy' in 'field list'
Daniel Ruiz
@alexvargasbenamburg that seems to be the biggest problem around - L2J seems to not support anything from this decade, and everything from 2004ish has been touched by at least 6 countries in the process - not sure what's the problem to share a URL here, as NCSoft would not come for one person - so yeah, case anyone find a decent URL, please let the channel know.. I think some people are looking for them.
Hello, Im interested in opening a lineage 2 server. I would like to hire a team of 2. please let me know where should i be looking
May i ask something, outside gludio specifically when i hit monsters the Scoot lizard seem to cast spell but he just sit there and then after 3-4 second i receive the damage. Where should i check inside code to fix this (any suggestion)
@maneco2 any clue?