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Maybe I'm wrong but we are now at Discord, right? -.-
Please all join us in Discord
This channel will be removed soon (tm)
Come on guys to discord we are giving nuts there
Виталий василащук
поиогтье с бафером
Trade Man
hi i got this error, any fix?
@sokero_gitlab join us in https://discord.gg/HyE2VfY
@/all JOIN US IN https://discord.gg/HyE2VfY NEXT WEEK WE CLOSE THIS CHANNEL!
hi guys
I have a question? Gracia final version is still using jdk 1.6 to compiler?
Yeison J Espinoza
hmm, not closed still
Pablo Palma
hi everyone! Someone have some npc buffer tutorial or pack for l2j interlude?
Alex Vargas Benamburg
Hi, some one know where can i donwload a client for the actual server? jave donwloaded like 3 clients HIgh Five part 5 but none of them work
hello,i'm new and i'd like a question when u chose the from all the client on eclipse the development is the high five?
Yeison J Espinoza
Weiyi Lai

hi, all
i have a question.
db install -sql C:\opt\l2j\server\login\sql -u l2j -p l2jserver2019 -m FULL -t LOGIN -c -mods
db install -sql C:\opt\l2j\server\game\sql -u l2j -p l2jserver2019 -m FULL -t GAME -c -mods

but my os is ubuntu 18.04
not have c disk, the bash is right?

so put /usr/local/yourfullpath
Weiyi Lai
yes, it's solve.
i click l2.exe, alert don't have l2.bin
how do i get it?
Yeison J Espinoza
Guilherme Emilio Raduenz
Hey, anyone already tried to run the l2j server in a Raspberry PI?
Yeison J Espinoza
hello do anyone met with this problem?:[WARN ] 2020-09-16 17:28:17 Inventory: Could not restore inventory: (conn=1215)
Unknown column 'agathion_energy' in 'field list'
Daniel Ruiz
@alexvargasbenamburg that seems to be the biggest problem around - L2J seems to not support anything from this decade, and everything from 2004ish has been touched by at least 6 countries in the process - not sure what's the problem to share a URL here, as NCSoft would not come for one person - so yeah, case anyone find a decent URL, please let the channel know.. I think some people are looking for them.
Hello, Im interested in opening a lineage 2 server. I would like to hire a team of 2. please let me know where should i be looking
May i ask something, outside gludio specifically when i hit monsters the Scoot lizard seem to cast spell but he just sit there and then after 3-4 second i receive the damage. Where should i check inside code to fix this (any suggestion)
@maneco2 any clue?
@Maneco2 i love u so much :/
hello, im looking for a l2j developer. please contact me at drakevander92@gmail.com
Yeison J Espinoza
this chat is dead, we move to discord, join us