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Nov 2014
Stephanie Beaton
Nov 26 2014 01:49
Hi Livingstone ; I finished the Quiz. It had 12 questions. But when I submitted the system now states --- Score for this quiz: 4 out of 30 *
Submitted Nov 25 at 5:47pm
This attempt took 93 minutes.
Were there really 30 questions?
Never mind . I see Points 30 Questions 12
Livingston Martin
Nov 26 2014 02:29
yep, each question is worth a number of points. Most of them need to be manually reviewed and commented on (and I will give you the points then).
Nov 26 2014 04:51
var verbArray = ["hug", "giggle", "nom"];
Provide code that would add "cat" to the beginning of each string in verbArray:
I am not sure what the final result looks like.
var verbArray = [“cathug", “catgiggle", “catnom”];?
Sam Hamm
Nov 26 2014 05:12
@Jayden0306 That was my understanding of the question.
Nov 26 2014 05:13
Oh, Ok. thanks.
Nov 26 2014 16:49
Wednesday's movie quote of the day, name the movie,
"Global Thermonuclear War"
This line is repeated several times in the course of the movie
Nov 26 2014 16:53
that's from Wargames
also if I use linux do I have to do the cloud9 stuff?
Sam Hamm
Nov 26 2014 20:19
Noah, she said on Mon nite that Linux is fine.
Stephanie Beaton
Nov 26 2014 22:48
Suggestion -- if the Slides were made available before the class on the day of the class then we could print them out (2 to a page, double sided) and write on the paper slides during class.
Also, would be great if large page numbers could be added to the slides. I don't see Mel in this chat room. Guessing that Mel controls the Slides.
Livingston Martin
Nov 26 2014 22:51
She does, she also has access to this room (just is not signed in atm). Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll make sure she hears it:).
'P divy' (Ingrid)
Nov 26 2014 23:48
Hi, I clicked the submit on the quiz before I was ready to submit. I re-read the questions today and want to make I too late? thanks