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Nov 2014
Nov 29 2014 06:34
Hi. I have a question. I ran the command "npm install" inside the lab1-beg-track directory, and it showed "npm WARN package.json lab1-beg-track@0.0.0 No repository field." I think something is wrong... What should I do?
Livingston Martin
Nov 29 2014 07:45

So, the file “package.json” (also in the lab folder) specifies what NPM (node package manager) should go install from the internet.
It is kind of like a laundry list of things to get.

This package.json has a specific format, and this format normally includes extra information that is helpfull for programmers, but not necessary for the package.json to perform its function as a list.

NPM is warning you that it is expecting package.json to have a repository field, and there is not one. However, this is overwhelmingly an FYI for programmers, not an actual problem that would interfere with NPM.
Hope that helps!

TLDR: should have installed fine, don’t worry about it.

the missing line from package.json would look like
  "repository": {
    "type": "git",
    "url": ""
Nov 29 2014 07:58
Thank you so much! Yeah, I think it's installed. :)
Livingston Martin
Nov 29 2014 08:20