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Nov 2014
Nov 30 2014 20:32


I am having a problem getting into the lab, I have followed all of the instructions, and upon running the "node lab1.js" command, I am given 6 lines that say "assertion failure." I can tell that this is part of the lab because I see the same text in the vestigial instructions, but it is not opening the actual lab in sublime text. What am i doing wrong here?

Livingston Martin
Nov 30 2014 21:14

the command

node lab1.js

says “node, run the lab1.js file” which will log any console.log’s to the terminal. This includes the assertion failures that are part of the lab. This does not open the lab file.

In order to open the lab, you need to type:

open lab1.js -a sublime

This means “open the lab1.js file using the sublime application”.


subl .

This means “open everything in the current folder in sublime”. However, it will only work if you followed the slide presentation setup instructions to setup the “subl” shortcut.

A third option is

open .

This means “open the current folder in finder”, and will just open the folder using the traditional finder view. You can then right-click the lab1.js file and open it selecting sublime from there.

Main point:

  1. opening and running a file are different things.