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Dec 2014
Pablo Martinez
Dec 12 2014 00:40
Are we going to have a quiz 5/6 due next week? I do not see it posted.
Mel Quark
Dec 12 2014 00:42
@pmartinez1 yup. i haven't posted it yet, but it will be before eod today.
Dec 12 2014 03:43
i couldn’t figure out the purpose of the function y.
Dec 12 2014 04:15
If you find yourself spending $$$ on books, try There was a student discount when i signed up, $99 for two years.
Dec 12 2014 07:06
@Jayden0306 In terms of the purpose of Y, it looks for the lowest number in the input. Look up "Math.min" to help you with how this function will be written, and remember to use three parameters. Let me know if this helps
Dec 12 2014 08:12
thanks! brandon
It really helps
Amber Harmon
Dec 12 2014 22:21
Hi Guys! FYI, I will be at wayward today until 5:30 if anyone wants to geek out and do some pairing.
Mel Quark
Dec 12 2014 23:47
@aharmo3 that warms my heart =)
@Jayden0306 yup. it's the minimum.