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Dec 2014
Amber Harmon
Dec 13 2014 01:02
@aharmo3 @mel-quark On the last question for the adv lab, is the function suppose to return multiple arrays? Like [10,10,10],[2,2,2],[1,1,1]? Or one array with all values? Thanks!
Mel Quark
Dec 13 2014 01:04
@aharmo3 it doesn't have to return anything per se. it reorders the elements of the array you pass in.
based on the sum of their values.
Dec 13 2014 19:12
in lab 3 -- help me understand what this values assigned mean
var hello = {
klingon: "nuqneH", // home planet is Qo"noS
romulan: "Jolan\"tru", // home planet is Romulus
"federation standard": "hello" // home planet is Earth
what is klingon, .... what is "nuqneH" , ....
Livingston Martin
Dec 13 2014 19:16

@savithabj This hello object is how you say “hello” in a number of different languages from a TV show called “Star Trek”.
“nuqneH” means “hello” for one of the species (Klingon) in this TV show.

Just think of it as english, spanish and french.

var hello = {
english: “Hello”,
spanish: “Hola”,
french: “Bonjour"

Dec 13 2014 20:52