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Dec 2014
Emre Surmeli
Dec 19 2014 00:39 Here is Addy Osmani's github. Tyler mentioned him during the info sesh. Look up his video presentations here:
Pablo Martinez
Dec 19 2014 18:51
Does anyone have good notes from Wednesday's class that they could share? I closed the PDF document without saving so all of my "sticky notes" were lost. :/ Thank you
Stephanie Beaton
Dec 19 2014 19:02
I have some notes ... hand written.. they are sketchy at best . I will type them into a file and post them, but I may not be able to do this until Sun Dec 21.
Dec 19 2014 22:52
Is anyone else getting an error from the line "assert((new Human()).sayHello(new Klingon()) === "nuqneH","the klingon should hear nuqneH");" in problem number three in the advanced lab? The error I am getting is TypeError: undefined is not a function and I not sure how to go about fixing it.