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Jun 2014
Luis Naia
Jun 16 2014 07:53
good morning
David Dias
Jun 16 2014 14:24
@yangwao you have just been nominated the main organizer for the JS Kite Surf Trip :D hope that you don’t get bombarded with too many emails from LXJS attendees to join you
Morning @darkbls ! Whe are you arriving at LX?
@mydigitalself this compose mode features is pretty neat!
Matej Nemček
Jun 16 2014 14:56
oh I see :D
@diasdavid thanks ! :)
Luis Naia
Jun 16 2014 15:54
@diasdavid: sorry was in a meeting. I will arrive at lisbon thursday in the afternoon! I head there is lots of sun in Lisbon, I sure could use a little bit :)