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Jun 2014
Mário Nzualo
Jun 18 2014 05:10
@diasdavid thanks for the clarification
João Jerónimo
Jun 18 2014 09:56
why not just send an email when someone subscribes to the training session ?
David Dias
Jun 18 2014 09:59

Well decisions :) Honestly, the decision was done from a person that never has email notifications for anything (me) and so never even thought how annoying it could be. Email would be great, but we also wanted to kickstart the interaction in the repo and remember that everyone is welcome to pop questions there :)

..lesson learned :)

João Jerónimo
Jun 18 2014 10:00
the issue is not even email imo.... is getting notifications that have nothing to do with me
the only interaction you got from me was marking everything as read lol
Zoltan Feher
Jun 18 2014 23:05
hey guys, the SAPO Labs talks will be portugese or english speaking?
Luis Reis
Jun 18 2014 23:07
Hi @zkiiito, I’m trying to get to the guys to ask that.
Most probably it will be in portuguese… I’d like to confirm that anyway.
Zoltan Feher
Jun 18 2014 23:13
Matej Nemček
Jun 18 2014 23:15
/me silente elections for EN
Matej Nemček
Jun 18 2014 23:31
ACTION is happy that /me is working!