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Jul 2014
Matteo Collina
Jul 02 2014 07:39
Thanks @pgte @diasdavid @dscape and all the rest of the LXJS crew. Thank you :D. It was an awesome week!
Matej Nemček
Jul 02 2014 08:00
@XicoMBD perfect! I think I convince the bar manager to start accept Bitcoins as well :D
tip for next lxjs maybe, make info about cheap data simcards, for better coordination after lxjs ) but I think EU roaming will get better next year )
Chris Waring
Jul 02 2014 11:13
I know it's been said a thousand times already but thanks to the entire #lxjs crew (especially @diasdavid making everything around Driift + our workshops happen), that was one hell of a week! Great to see all your friendly faces again :)
Luis Reis
Jul 02 2014 11:22
@cwaring Thank you for coming! It was great to have you here!
Chris Waring
Jul 02 2014 11:32
@luismreis Likewise, if you're ever over London way say hi!
Matej Nemček
Jul 02 2014 20:28
yeah, big thanks to #lxjs team!!! )
and I hope, output of lxjs could be also nodetrip for next year! @diasdavid right? :D