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    Iagoba Apellaniz
    Do you have a question?
    Iagoba Apellaniz
    Let me know if that's the case. I'll try to help!
    Here is an example of something you can do in this chat:
    Heisenberg equation => $$\frac{d \rho}{d t} =\frac{i}{\hbar} \left[ H, \rho \right]$$ => dρdt=i[H,ρ]\frac{d \rho}{d t} =\frac{i}{\hbar} \left[ H, \rho \right]
    Oscar Vargas Torres

    Hi! I am not getting the correct typeset for .NET in a LaTeX document? Using this

    title = {{.NET/C#} Generics History ...

    in a bib latex document

    Oscar Vargas Torres
    The problem was because of pandoc, I think. Once I left biber manage cites, it worked without problem.
    hey there
    can i ask latex question here?