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Feb 2015
Ilan Biala
Feb 01 2015 04:52
How do I establish a belongs to relationship? I have a User model, and an Order model, and I want an order to have a userId field so I can populate a User.orders field.
Hengki Sihombing
Feb 01 2015 16:28
anyone have been testing mongoose running on io.js ?
Valeri Karpov
Feb 01 2015 18:10
@meistercoach83 yeah i derped, saw the node driver version was bumped in the github repo so i used 2.0.15. I fixed that issue in master yesterday and ill put out rc1 later when i can get to my laptop
@Ilanbiala unfortunately mongoose currently only supports populating by _id
Ilan Biala
Feb 01 2015 18:11
@vkarpov15 any plans to support more relationships in 4.0.0 or in the near future?