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Feb 2015
Hengki Sihombing
Feb 25 2015 10:37
hi @vkarpov15 i really need this one :D
hopefully you release that soon
Yann 'Aaunel' Eves-Hollis
Feb 25 2015 11:53
mongoose-autopopulate looks promising .. anyway, wondering if @vkarpov15 or anyone here might be able to diagnose this CastError I'm running into using population?
Valeri Karpov
Feb 25 2015 23:51
@aredo I'm impressed that you saw that already - I was working on that yesterday but got sidetracked by some more immediate concerns. Just be careful with using it when it comes out - I'm hesitant to make populating too easy because it encourages some bad design patterns
@aaunel how did you insert these documents with {} as an ObjectId?
Mongoose shouldn't let you do that