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Feb 2015
Feb 26 2015 07:11 UTC
@vkarpov15 in terms of autopopulate what do you think about virtual async properties? Or maybe this could be impemented using some kind of after select hook.
Valeri Karpov
Feb 26 2015 14:57 UTC
async virtuals? That's something much more fundamental, virtuals are sync by design so you can use assignment operator. Also there's really no after select hook - query middleware only works for these methods: and only when the operation is actually executed. For instance, MyModel.find({ test: 1 }).count(callback); will execute count middleware but not find, because the actual operation sent to the server is a count
Feb 26 2015 15:03 UTC
@vkarpov15 well so there are post and pre query hooks available for use? I haven't seen this in docs.
Feb 26 2015 15:17 UTC
and post hooks are not async actually as I see from the code
Yann 'Aaunel' Eves-Hollis
Feb 26 2015 22:39 UTC
@vkarpov15 that's what I thought, I've edited the original StackOverflow thread to show the steps to replicate saving {} as an ObjectId