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May 2015
Ben Hockey
May 15 2015 18:40
i'm having a problem using a nested import where the imported file extends a placeholder selector (Failed to @extend "$button"). i'm guessing it's a scope issue but i'm not sure how to fix it - any suggestions?
fwiw - it works at the root level (as expected)
Andrew Bradley
May 15 2015 18:59
Since the @imported file is nested under a .abc selector, your @extend would have to be @extend .abc $button
I’m not sure if you’re supposed to be able to @extend $button like you’re doing. Maybe it’s a Stylus bug, a Stylus limitation, or maybe not?
Ben Hockey
May 15 2015 19:12
thanks @cspotcode , i see why it's not working. i just wasn't sure if there was a built-in function to help determine .abc from inside the mixin or some way to put $button in scope.