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May 2015
kevin olson
May 21 2015 05:41
this needs move love tmm1/pygments.rb#75
May 21 2015 15:52
hello, i'm trying to resolve relative image path vie grunt-contrib-stylus using 'resolve url': true, it works, but url's resolved relatively to .styl file position, not .css
what am i doing wrong?
kevin olson
May 21 2015 19:38
@import testing
@import boobs

  margin 0
  padding 0
  background-color white
  color black
  font-size 20px

  padding 20px
  text-align center
  font-size 2em
highlight test
hmm ok so gitter is properly highlighting stylus
kevin olson
May 21 2015 23:58
im messing around wtih the .define in stylus
this mean i can pass variables/objects to stylus to reference?